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Bengwa Pilot
1st Jan 2004, 23:12
Ladies and Gents

I am relatively new to long haul flying in the B747-400 between Europe and Asia

Presently I am trying to build my route knowledge and quick reference information that some people seem to use on the line.

I have flown with people who have self produced route guides , charts , diversion information , en-route alternate aerodrome codes / data , meters conversion charts , quick reference guides ect……ect…. I realise that some of these home made guides are obviously not official documentation , but they do assist in day to day operations and are of great help.

If anyone is kind enough to e-mail me some of their self made route guides or above information it would be greatly appreciated , as I am trying to collate some good information to help build my knowledge as well as get some more information & formats from people who work in other airlines.

Any information much appreciated

Email : [email protected]


2nd Jan 2004, 01:59
Try here - they're very useful.