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27th Dec 2003, 21:31

I am doing a project on RPIC. Would appreciate if anyone could point me in the direction for information regarding:

a) years of experience needed.
b) no of hours.
c) how RPIC is rostered in your airline.
d) what sort of training is given.
e) how long is the transition to full command.

Thank you.

27th Dec 2003, 23:18

At Varig we don't use relief captains, we use either 2 full captains and a FO or 2 full captains and 2 FO depending on duty time regs.


Harry G
28th Dec 2003, 01:08
At my company to act as Pilot in Command, whilst the skipper takes his rest, you need an ATPL.

That means at least 1500 hrs, ATPL theory exams all passed, 100 hrs at night etc....

a) normally 3 years+ shorthaul experience
b) 1500+
c) rostering not a consideration as all FO's must meet these requirements before joining the longhaul fleets
d) from day one we are trained to think/act as commanders (we are all seen as future captains) so there is no different training.
e) Command depends on many factors; experience, training record, company expansion etc.... Very roughly about 15 years.

Hope that helps a little.

28th Dec 2003, 17:19

My company uses something similar. Thanks.


How may hours do you suggest a FO need to have if he does not have short haul experience? Your input to hold an ATPL is noted. Thanks.

Would appreciate for info - if your airline rosters 1 Captain + 2 FOs and 1 Captain + 3 FOs for long haul. What is the experience needed for the FO to act in command, assuming the skipper takes a horizontal rest? Can anyone direct me to any written material as to what the ICAO, JAA or FAA requirements are?

Many thanks!

30th Dec 2003, 06:16
At my company there could be two (2) captains aboard, but only one captain can be the designated PIC.