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26th Dec 2003, 06:46
Hi girls and boys,

As I'm about to start my type on the B737.300 at Lufthansa Flight training in Berlin, I was wondering if you bunch of wonder-B737jocks have any tips for this nervous student regarding the training... Handling tips, booby-traps at the simcheck, etc...


26th Dec 2003, 20:45
I cant really help you as I am just an ATPL student however you may find http://www.b737.org.uk/ interesting.

I also may have something else that could be very useful if you are interested - send me a pm.


29th Dec 2003, 23:13
I would expect the LH training centre to have a well structured couse. There will be massive amount of new information, but it should be presented in an ordered seuqence and at a suitable rate. Take each phase as it comes, but be prepared to do self study outside the classroom schedule. This will be necessary.
It is very important to be well prepared for each phase. The Fixed base is not there to teach to SOP calls and respsonses; it is there to teach you systems operation under SOP's, both normal and non-normal. Good technical and SOP knowledge is vital before this phase, and needs to be nigh perfect at FFS stage.
The FFS phase will teach you a/c flying and operation under normal and non-normal conditions and configurations. It should follow a building block philosophy. By now you need to be well in tune with SOP's, if not you will find the new operating enviroment too taxing and your attention will be concentrating on the wrong things.
Clogging up your mind with stuff before the course could be more confusing than helpful.

For the sim check (LST) just be smooth, accurate and knowledgeable, again of the SOP's.

There is nothing to be nervous about in advance. make sure you are diligent and disciplined during the course and keep well up with it. It might mean social sacrifices for a few weeks, but that's the investment. However, as with all learning enviroments it is vital to relax and have some time away from it. That can only be done if enough work was done at the right times and your are on the progress schedule.

Have fun.

30th Dec 2003, 00:03
Thanks for the advice!
I'm certainly looking forward to start...