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24th Dec 2003, 17:52
Jet fuel (as I'm sure we all know) deaerates in the climb and early cruise which is one of the reasons fuel pumps are so important to pressurise the fuel and prevent pump cavitation with consequent engine power loss/flameout.

I have looked in the 'sticky' for any reference to this but none seems to have been discussed before.

My questions are then: If I carry round trip fuel and 'de-aerate' all of it on the outbound sector, will I still be faced with a cavitation problem if I loose the fuel pumps on the second sector?

Does the fuel re-aerate to any extent, and if so over what time period?

Does de-aerated fuel mix with new fuel or will they separate out if left long enough, ie fuel of differing densities?

Merry Christmas to all Ppruners! :ok:

25th Dec 2003, 02:26
Is this a Big issue???In 37 years of jet flying I knew that one had to have a head of steam at the engine to avoid cavitation.It is refered to,in the FCOM/FOM's in the event of pump failure,with the required lower Alt's etc....The only persistent cases were with the B737 and that CFM56 engines didn't like JP4 above FL310....:confused: