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24th Dec 2003, 08:16
I live in a community where a lot of aircrew reside. As I sat outside sipping my coffee at 6:30 this morning, thinking about the start of the Xmas festivities, I saw many pilots, in uniform, trudging to the same coffee shop, flight bags in hand obviously doing the Xmas shift. So, for those of us who will be looking forward to time with our families I would like on everyone's behalf to thank you guys for your devotion, professionalism and keeping us all safe up there in the crowded skies.

Thanks all and hoping you have a great Xmas wherever you are and a happy and prosperous New Year!

26th Dec 2003, 20:09
thanks airhead10, nice thought.

funny enough, I was on standbye for christmas. I haven't any family around and asked if anybody wanted the day off and had no replies!!
Either these guys just want to fly all the time or the christmas spirit kicked in.

Funnily enough I never had a seconds thought that I would be called in. I guess that Christmas is that kind of time that a fellow pilot would literally be on his death bed and still fly rather than let someone else down.

I'm glad that despite these bad times the Christmas spirit still lives on.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year, lets hope I don't get called in on new years eve;)

26th Dec 2003, 21:11
On standby, just about to enjoy Christmas lunch when the call came. Lunch was over Cairo northbound. Most people on frequency sounded reasonably cheerful and Christmas greetings exchanged, not too busy, Southbound early this morning very quiet had to radio check a couple of times just to make sure we were still in contact. Presents unwrapped on 'boxing day' instead.
Thoughts go to the Cotunu tragedy.

miss d point
27th Dec 2003, 16:01
still, rather be served a coffee by a little hottie than have to sit in with the mother-in-law !!!!

merry xmas

29th Dec 2003, 22:35
Airhead10, thanks very much for thinking of us. I just finished a 5-day stretch of work, so your post was especially nice to read.

I'll just add my thanks to all the good people with whom I worked and/or encountered during these past several days. Everyone seemed to have a pleasant sort of holiday spirit, whether it was other airline personnel, hotel staff, our passengers, or people in our layover cities. They made being away from our loved ones at this time of year more bearable, so hats off to them too.