View Full Version : Gol - 737-700 incident (photos)

24th Dec 2003, 03:12

24th Dec 2003, 03:25
Eek! That's going to take some repairing...
What happened - aquaplane? Or stormy wx, or both...

Good decision not to evacuate on the left side - dump the folks into the trees and a wall (if it was the US they'd have to come back through security screening :rolleyes: ). Wonder if the L1 door would even open after this wallop...

24th Dec 2003, 04:03
No preliminary report yet.
But: heavy rain, the 1,700-meter runway was very contaminated, and Navegantes airport has only non-precision approach (Yes, an NDB approach:uhoh: ). Witnesses said the airplane touched down very far from the runway threshold and likely faster than usual…

LGW Vulture
24th Dec 2003, 04:43
If the reg wasn't appropriate before, it certainly is now! :uhoh:

24th Dec 2003, 05:49
Ouch! This will put a big hole Gol's holiday scheduling, expanded a fortnight ago to redeye flights priced to compete head-on with long-distance buses.

Bit of a hole in the Xmas spirit of the unfortunate crew as well.

The Constantino family, who own Gol, are Brazil's largest bus operators.

And those funny spiky leaves in the vegetable garden are not cannabis; cassava I think.

31st Aug 2005, 18:24
They had to wet-lease a Boeing 737-300 of BRA for 3 months while the Boeing was working on this plane.