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9th Dec 2003, 04:56
I recently had some contact with an Islamic flight operation and was amazed to hear that the Flight crew were observing Ramadan.
Surely aircrew are not expected to go without food, and more seriously water, during long duty periods. What is the rule on this do Muslim pilots have to observe Ramadan?

9th Dec 2003, 06:04
Try here (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=71960&highlight=ramadan) and here (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=108737&highlight=ramadan)

(The Search function works wonders!;) ).

9th Dec 2003, 09:03
Been done for years and years...where have you been?...:ooh:

9th Dec 2003, 15:51
As far as I remember my reading of Al Kuran, there is an exemption of diet for travellers and soldiers....

As in any religion, there is allways a problem when people try to interpret the "Holy Book".

At the moment, there is a wave of integrism, so the pressure is on Muslims to bring them toward the highest degree of strictness and intolerance.

During my childhood, french Catholics used to eat fish on friday...and even if it's still the day when you find the most in market, it's no more considered an obligation here.

A century ago, a woman walking alone in the streets of France, Italy, Spain, Greece...without any veil covering her hair, would have been considered kind of prostitute.

It's not far when Mollahs tell us the right way to eat eggs!

12th Dec 2003, 18:08
Hey Guys, Ramadan isn't the only time one can encounter problems in this vein..... Sure, the dietary and fasting restrictions which are attendant to Islam....can, at times, seem strange to Infidels, it is strongly engrained in the culture. Small points missed, like effects on performance of Hypo- and hyper-glycemia are NOT normally taken into account in sand-land.

After personnaly experiencing a Kuwaiti Aero Medical.... having my blood and urine tests discussed with me by the lab technician,.... The lab tech told me that my Bilirubin was 1.5 points high (all other results normal)...i was handed a chit which had all my results dead center in scale.

When I asked if the original results were sent to the DGCA, I was told , NO, otherwise, no Kuwaiti would ever pass the diabetes screening. :confused:

....and it's not just ramadan.....had a KU captain leave his seat at 15 mile final to pray on the upper deck......he sat down again just before the go-around! Nice one Ishaq!