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3rd Dec 2003, 20:54
Anyone else see the flying display at LHR on Sunday 30th Nov at about 9am? BA tug towing a 777 across 27L stopped and reversed causing Virgin go-around and 3 or 4 aircraft to do visual switch to 27R. We`d just vacated 27L and were waiting for a stand (as usual!). Must say that AA managed a very impressive low level switch.

4th Dec 2003, 06:44
Didn't see the switch myself, I was on a break, but colleagues in the tower were impressed, and the crew were very pleased to do a bit of hand flying!

4th Dec 2003, 16:20
So thats what is was, ah haaa.
Did see a B744 of VS come very low over the cargo area what looked like a "go-around"....

southern duel
6th Dec 2003, 02:32
Yes i was on duty as well. The tug driver selected the wrong gear and stopped on the runway !! He reversed because it was a quicker way of vacating the runway.
ATC thought he may have had engine probs and dropped bits on the runway so they landed a couple on 27R. Airside Ops carried out an inspection just confirm there were no problems in Block 86

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