View Full Version : Tu-154 M Fuelsystem

2nd Dec 2003, 14:53
Hi ppruners,

I recently saw a Tupolev Tu-154 M starting engines at HAJ.
During engine startup and pushback phase, a white mist was blown out on the left aft end of the fuselage. Looks not like some light spillage through a tank vent, but like a fluid or steam blown out by pressure. It stopped when the plane starts taxiing to the runway.
Seen the same phenomena at AYT a few years ago, when the plane was pointing with its tail towards the terminal, so I think from the smell, it was fuel that was blown out and then carried away by the No.2 engines exhaust.
Does anyone know more about the 154 fuel system ? Or is it any other system, that causes this phenomena, and the fuel smell ist just normal for starting the Soloview engines ?

4th Dec 2003, 20:51
Know absolutely nothing about the tu-154 but it was certainly an ignition failure and what you saw was fuel vapour.If the a/c departed then the second start attempt must have been successfull.