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19th Apr 2001, 21:25
Is there any truth to the story that a CP pilot was fired for throwing "nuts" at a CP Chairman?

19th Apr 2001, 21:26

19th Apr 2001, 21:43
so is there a story behind this,or is this just a case of "I dont like the chairman" because he has gold teeth and "laugh lines" around his pockets?...kapai

19th Apr 2001, 21:50
David Turnbull is an accountant-type Airline boss who thinks pilots are a vastly overpaid and underworked group of self opinionated bus drivers.
As such he(and his henchmen) has been attacking our conditions of service and pay scales for the last 10 years. We now have probably the most appalling morale of any international carrier.
The pilot you mention has been fired. He threw some nuts at DT in the bar at the CX hotel in HKG. Turnbull went berserk apparently and next day carried out his threat to terminate the guy who is (was) a Senior Captain.
All leave cancelled till morale improves!!
I'll bet DT was a bully at school too....

19th Apr 2001, 21:56
I heard the nuts weren't even thrown at him, they were just thrown in a general direction over someone's shoulder and happened to hit him.

What the hell was the CEO doing there anyway?

19th Apr 2001, 21:59
Its a pity they werent coconuts?

19th Apr 2001, 22:08
so as one can plainly see,when dealing with managment "types"....when disagreements rear their ugly little heads,the best thing to do is look the mgt person,directly in the eye measure the approx position of the other eye and bisect the given line with serenity and the full weight of the human fist!!!!!...would have to agree that moral is not the best at your airline,as per jumpseaters that I have talked to...interviewed in feb for ANC job...turned it down ...stunk to high heaven of screwing main-line pilots for jobs and pay scales...sort of surprised this has been the only incident!!! kapai

19th Apr 2001, 22:15
thanks sick squid.....just found it...kapai

Sick Squid
19th Apr 2001, 22:18
My goodness, Pakeha Boy, you are quick aren't you! :)

As I wrote earlier this one has been covered both here and in Fragrant Harbour. Cathay Sacks Pilot (http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/Forum1/HTML/013383.html) is the one in here...

Closing this one down now, to avoid too much duplication. Feel free to add anything further to the original.

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