View Full Version : Anyone know what happened to SHT8V last night?

Davey Clark
30th Nov 2003, 16:08
Watched SHT8V (EDI-LHR) div into Birmingham last night - anybody know why?

I'm not a journo looking for a story, just an interested bystander.

Davey Clark

Wings level, Ball in the puddle!

30th Nov 2003, 16:26
Rumours are it was indications of another IAE engine surge problem.

Funky Me
3rd Dec 2003, 18:39
Were in the air at the same time. Monitored the whole thing. This is what we heard....

SHT8V declared a mayday. Initially reported indications of impending engine failure on engine number 2 the starboard engine with additional indications that the number one engine, the port engine was possibly in distress also. Requested immediate diversion to Birmingham.

ATC were very good. Told them to set the 'required distress transponder code´ and gave them an initial vector and descent clearance. Told all other traffic to maintain radio silence till called.

SHT8V then came back and updated ATC that they had hade multiple surges (at least 3) on the number two engine and a surge on the number one engine. Engines were now stable at flight idle in the descent and requested an expeditious approach, such that should the worst happen, would provide best possible chances of a glide in ! They seemed (very rightly IMHO) to be very concearned about what would happen when the engines were spooled up again in the latter stages of the approach.

Anyway to cut a long story short, they were offered any runway and got into BHX safely, then spoke to the fire engine on the groung after vacating and being met by him.

Handled very professionally by all concearned and well done to the crew.

Mark Lewis
3rd Dec 2003, 22:41
Airbus A320 232 (IAE engines) G-EUUI