View Full Version : MY TRAVEL AIRWAYS callsign???

27th Nov 2003, 15:03

Q1) Was wondering since MYT took over from airtours whether they have kept their 'Kestrel' callsign or have changed it to something new and exciting??

Off to PTA from LGW next week on a MYT A330 for some winter sun!!!

Q2) Anyone have any comments/ experiences on flying into PTA? Whats the quality of ATC there??

Cheers, Mupp..:cool: :cool:

one truevoice
27th Nov 2003, 15:06
I can't answer the ATC question, however can confirm they stayed with "Kestrel" as the call sign. Bring some sun back with you!!!!!

Floppy Link
27th Nov 2003, 16:55
Where is PTA?
Have a good hol

27th Nov 2003, 17:06
Port Alsworth

Map (http://maps.yahoo.com/py/maps.py?Pyt=Tmap&&csz=Port+Alsworth+AK+&Get%A0Map=Get+Map)

Big Tudor
27th Nov 2003, 17:09

PTA is Port Allsworth Alsaka, and I'm pretty sure we don't fly there. You sure your flying MYT A330??

27th Nov 2003, 18:28
Doubt he'll be getting much sun there somehow ! Maybe he means the Dominican Republic.

27th Nov 2003, 20:34
Perhaps he is going to Muppetland for his winter hols!

Floppy Link
27th Nov 2003, 20:50
...that's why I asked. If you're going to Puerto Plata it's called POP. Says so on the ticket.
Hot and sweaty, ATC is OK

27th Nov 2003, 21:38
Sorry about the confusion!!

I meant Puerto Plata (VOR-PTA) (Airport- POP)

Hope am not going to Alaska!!!!:{ :{

Cheers, Mupp.:ok:

28th Nov 2003, 01:13
Kestrel still alive and well, may it continue so.