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3rd Dec 2001, 22:56

Does any one have some info regarding the incident at ZRH on saturday between Air Portugal and Crossair?


4th Dec 2001, 11:42
according to the newspapers a a319 of TAP crossed rwy28 enroute to rwy16 while a crossair saab2000 was on the roll on rwy28.
the saab was airborne well before the intersection so we were lucky.
the accident investigation board has opeened an inquiry

Saab 2000 Driver
4th Dec 2001, 12:22
According to Swiss TV Text, the Airbus was told to hold short of 28 and the Saab 2000 received the take off clearance for 28.

4th Dec 2001, 19:26
And after Milan...I've always been paranoid about crossing 28 at ZRH. Understand the new taxi routing off 14 could be unfamiliar to some but won't apply if the TAP was taxi-ing TO runway 16. It don't just happen in fog....

5th Dec 2001, 04:09
If you taxi to RWY16 out of the main Apron of Zurich, you are asked to switch from main Apron frequency 121.75 towards Ground on 121.9 and HOLD SHORT RWY28/10. Ground then issues a crossing clearance for RWY28/10 if you taxi towards RWY16 on taxiway Echo.
The CRX Saab2000 received its T/O-clearance from Tower 118.1.
So for my understanding, either Zurich Ground and Tower didn't coordinate their clearances or this TAP bloke screwed it up.
The swiss media of course took the opportunity to issue an other raid against Crossair and their "lack of safety". :mad:
However, thanks to the skills of these two Saab-drivers, the Saabs exceptional performance and of course luck an other fatal crash was prevented.
Once again a good example to double check crossing- and/or T/O-clearances issued by ATC and looking out of the windows before you move that multimillion dollar plane with the pax in the back ..... :eek: :eek: :eek:


5th Dec 2001, 22:02
Something along the line is not correct...If an ATC clearance was given to the TAP pilot why would e cross the runway and put the passengers at risk???



5th Dec 2001, 22:11
You Wrote:

The swiss media of course took the opportunity to issue an other raid against Crossair and their "lack of safety".

The media always like to dramatize this kind of situations.


Few Cloudy
5th Dec 2001, 22:54

Initial post on this subject is on page 2, "high noon on RW28" with initial newspaper reports.

I'll edit it in to save you the trouble of looking: <Yesterday (30.Nov) a TAP Airbus 319, taxying to RW16 for TO, failed to hold short of RW28, although told to stop twice by the tower. This caused a near miss with a Crossair Saab 2000, taking off on RW28. Conflicting eyewitness reports have the Saab either pulling up over the 319 or being past it by the time the runway was incursed. Eitherway it's a new investigation for the BFU...
(this courtesy of the Sonntags Zeitung)>

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