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Sunshine Express
24th Nov 2003, 22:07
Can anyone at Virgin elaborate on Virgin 8's mayday this morning?

Just interested, hope everyone is OK.

27th Nov 2003, 01:35
Come on Guys, someone knows something, or not.:8

27th Nov 2003, 19:37
'Ello Sunshine
I suspect that yourself or your informant never heard the word Mayday. If you had, I would imagine all the journos would have been all over it and this thread would be much larger!
More than likely a routine exchange with ATC for an inbound a/c with a sick passenger requiring medical services to meet the a/c. Sometimes crews will use the term "Medical Emergency" which is not an official term for wanting an expeditious arrival (but ATC generally oblige). Other crews will use the official terminology "PAN" explaining the nature of the situation.
The medical teams and or police will already have been alerted and I believe their call-out is not initiated by ATC.
Looking at your profile I bet you've had, or heard, a few of these yourself.