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21st Nov 2003, 03:50
I'm looking for the Jar reference concerning definition of aircraft classes- ie what defines an sep, mep, etc (but specifically sep land).
Is there an online jar listing? i really need the rule number (reference).


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21st Nov 2003, 04:48
jar 25=planes over 5,700 kg MTOW
jar 23=planes under 5,700 kg MTOW
jar 27= small rotorcraft
jar 29= large rotorcraft

you ask about sep(land) it speaks for itself its a single engine piston land plane

you could check http://www.jaa.nl/index.html dont know if they list all the regulations there though

i think this might be jar 23 ,172 pages of fun readingjar 23 (http://www.jaa.nl/section1/jars/35/53/355302/355302.pdf)

Genghis the Engineer
21st Nov 2003, 16:39
I'm afraid that I don't know about rotary wing or lighter than air, but I'm sure that somebody else can fill you in. The detail of the limitations are in subpart A of each code, but here's the summary...

Depends upon country, not a universal term.

Max 2 seats.
Max stall speed 35 kn
MTOW <= 450kg (2-seaters) or 300kg (single seaters).

JAR-VLA "Very Light Aeroplanes"
Non aerobatic
Max 2 seats
Max stall speed 45 kn
Max 1 engine
MTOW <= 750kg

JAR-22 "Sailplanes and powered sailplanes"
Max 2 seats
Max stall speed 43 kn (without ballast), 48 kn (with ballast)
Max wing loading 3 kg/mē (MTOW / spanē)
MTOW <= 850kg (powered), 750kg (unpowered)

JAR-23 "Normal, utility and aerobatic aeroplanes"
Max 9 passenger seats
Max stall speed 61 knots (single engine or under 6000 lb only)
Max 2 engines
MTOW <= 5,670 kg

JAR-23 "Commuter category aeroplanes"
Max 19 passenger seats
Max stall speed 61 knots (single engine or under 6000 lb only)
Max 2 engines.
MTOW <= 8,618 kg

JAR-25 "Large Aeroplanes"
Pretty much anything that doesn't fit any of the above categories.

As JAR-23 categories, but as many engines as you like.

As JAR-25.

Hope that helps. All the stall speeds are obviously CAS not IAS, and each category is tied up to a set of safety requirements - as a general rule on everything but empty weight the higher the MTOW, the stricter requirements (on empty weight, it's the reverse, the lower the MTOW, the stricter the rules about max ZFW - which makes sense when you think about it).

Definitions like "SEP", "SEL", etc. exist separately and are all in JAR-FCL1 which you can download from the JAA's website at http://www.jaa.nl/section1/jarsec1.html .


21st Nov 2003, 17:55
Thanks very much!
yeah, i know what the definitions are, its the references i'm after.
thanks again!

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