View Full Version : MD-11 Cargo Conversion

11th Mar 2002, 05:41
Why are MD-11s considered to be great to be converted into all Cargo aircraft?

13th Mar 2002, 01:40
- "new" and relatively inexpensive to buy. .- 2 person crew. .- no etops problems. .- decent range (not as much as 742, but a much better payload/cost ratio!). .. .- not good for outsized freight though!. .. .Just what comes into my mind quickly.. .. .My company seems to be making pretty decent money with them with payloads of +-90 tons for about 6 hour flights or ca. 50 tons from FRA to MNL nonstop.. .. .And the cockpit windows are HUGE.. .Give it a sidestick and it is absolutely perfect for me....