View Full Version : Your opinion on Embraer

16th Nov 2003, 00:43
I would like to know your opinion on Embraer's planes, especially on:

- on-time performance

- overall quality of construction and support from the factory

- quality, availability and cost of spare parts

- flight characteristics (handling, performance, speed, etc)

- systems architecture

- confort (space, noise, etc)

- how does the jungle jets compare to the CRJs?


21st Nov 2003, 04:20
Embraer is the "mouse that roared" - the 170 is a market killer, the CRJ -700/900 is going to have a tough go Its basically a mini-777, for 24 million.. Why do you think Lockheed-Martin are wooing them.. That being said - it does haves some wierd engieering in the fly-by-wire system - IE they have a digital - analog hybrid fly by wire system - must be a control system nightmare. The 145 has a belly skid to protect the body tanks - add drag, heavy - wierd engineering oversight ..