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8th Nov 2003, 07:38
Anyone operated a B-58P Baron ?Couple of questions for which I can`t` find the answer in the FM.
What is the "critical altitude" for the a/c engines?
What is the altitude at which the cabin altitude warning should illuminate, and is it only a visual warning or does it also operate a horn/buzzer( if you forgot to pressurise)- Reason- I`m doing a flight -test and some info needs to be verified.
Thanks.. Syc

9th Nov 2003, 06:49
Mods, perhaps you could tranfer this to GA,and or Private to see if there are any responses,please.

compressor stall
10th Nov 2003, 14:39
What do you mean by critical altitude for the engines?

Is it the ceiling for the engines? The height at which the ROC is only 50 fpm?

You should look up the charts for both one and two eng conifg and work backwards from 50fpm roc for the answer.

10th Nov 2003, 14:47
The critical altitude for a turbocharged engine (like the pressurised baron) is the altitude which sealevel power cannot be obtained. (ie the turbo cannot push enough air into the intake for the engine to deliver sealevel power)


concorde cadet
10th Nov 2003, 16:00
isnt that full throttle altitude

10th Nov 2003, 18:53
CC and Bevan, both correct, it is the altitude at which ,with the throttles to max power, the superchargers, or in this case the turbochargers can no longer hold max power, and boost will begin to fall if you continue to climb.