View Full Version : JetSet emergency at TFS

8th Nov 2003, 05:24
Today JetSet 287 returned to TFS shortly after T/O due to smoke in the rear galley. Any news about the cause and further info?

cargo boy
8th Nov 2003, 20:59
Any news about the causeYou already answered your own question: "due to smoke in the rear galley" :rolleyes:

8th Nov 2003, 22:24

the cause for the SMOKE not for the EMERGENCY!

I also wondered why approach wouldn't let them fly a direct app into Rwy 26 but let them take the long way round to Rwy 08.

8th Nov 2003, 23:10
Cargo boy -- crap response to a very fair question.

As maxmobil asked in his original post, he was wondering what the reason for the smoke was.

He also has a fair follow-up question.

As a humble pax I'm always interested in how these things are dealt with. Inevitably they're dealt with in a thoroughly professional manner where the safety of pax and crew is considered paramount.

9th Nov 2003, 01:43
In my opinion it's fair to ask why the emergency (smoke related) but unfair to expect qualified details which typically need investigation before filling out a rectification report.

I would expect that 99.9% of PPruners only have hearsay at best of these kinds of details in the first two days following an incident.

Best to ask for this kind of follow up a week or two following the incident (by then everybody has forgotten about it:O )

9th Nov 2003, 20:55
"only hearsay.."

In this case we were outbound traffic with JetSet 287 returning just above us;
when flying the same type of aircraft from the same airport having to listen to distress communication not being able to help is indeed by far different to "hearsay" on web forums.

9th Nov 2003, 21:30
After avidly studying the press over recent days, might one hypothesise that it wasn't smoke, but actually steam given off by the newly "sexed up" (sic) super-fluffy cabin crew vixens? Possibly an In-joke. Sorry. Will get the gossip at work tomorrow!