View Full Version : Hours per annum in USA?

8th Nov 2003, 04:38
Can any of the pilots in the USA working for the "Majors" and "Low Cost" airlines, give us an idea on how many flying hours you do a year?

8th Nov 2003, 05:26

Last year I flew about 850 hours.

Over the last 15 years, I have averaged about 875 hours with a couple years in the 975 range. I work for Southwest Airlines.

I am former military (3100 hours) and currently have about 17,000 total flying hours. I am 47 years old. If I continue to retirement at age 60, I should retire with about 27,000 hours.


Willit Run
9th Nov 2003, 00:33
We're allowed to do 100 hours domestic in any consecutive rolling 30 day period, 120 international; We're allowed to do 300 in any rolling ninety days regardless.
We're alowed to do 1000 in a rolling year.
I have been in the cargo side for many years and average about six hundred a year.

9th Nov 2003, 02:15
529 last year, but I was paid for 941.

West Coast
10th Nov 2003, 00:22
Somewhere around 835 YTD.