View Full Version : US Plane Makes Emergency Landing at Shannon this morning

Ber Nooly
6th Nov 2003, 20:22
It was carrying US troops from Baltimore to Frankfurt when it developed engine trouble and made an emergency landing.


6th Nov 2003, 22:41
The four-engine Trans Air planeSome arithmetic lessons needed?

6th Nov 2003, 23:12
Not a question of math. Rather, some issues with the power of observation. The web page has a photo of the L10, for crying out loud... :hmm:

Not to mention the fact that it isn't "Trans Air," Till recently it was American Trans Air, but now it's just ATA Airlines.

Of course, I suppose the reporter could have counting the ST6L-73 APU along with those three RB211s for a total of four engines... :confused:


6th Nov 2003, 23:27
Which of the 3 engines was it?

Ber Nooly
6th Nov 2003, 23:36
It was the faulty one;) Sorry!

But seriously, I haven't found much info on this today. It's becoming a regular feature by now, what with the KLM having to do the same there last weekend, and another KLM from Aruba having to land at Cork couple of weeks ago. Is there a Bermuda Triangle in the eastern Atlantic or what :uhoh:

Anyway, I suppose it's continued on its way by now.

6th Nov 2003, 23:49
Hi guys
After a 6-7hr flight accross the pond would there be any need to dump fuel?

7th Nov 2003, 00:48
I thought it was an ATA Tristar initially, but the four engine bit threw me, but I thought that maybe when the journos heard it was a three engined plane, it was originally four.

Difficult stuff obviously!

Yes, I was thinking that it's been a busy few weeks for diversions to Ireland, what with US Airways (yes, I know it was en route to Ireland anyway!), KLM, Martinair and now this.

A/T less
7th Nov 2003, 01:16
Dont you just love it....the media, as always, are a well-informed group of people !!!