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11th Sep 2001, 16:59
the newswires and TV's are full of pictures of the World Trade Centre ablaze after an aircraft has hit it.

Anybody any details?

11th Sep 2001, 17:10
Latest from ananova.com

"A second plane has now crashed into the second tower of the World Trade Centre in New York.

There are fears that this is a terrorist attack.

The crash comes moments after a first plane plunged into the Trade Centre in New York.

We will bring you more details as we get them."

Unbelievable. My thoughts are with the many innocent casualties of this awful incident.


11th Sep 2001, 17:24
Channel 10 in melbourne had the video of the second jet hitting the second tower. Looked around 737 size and eyewitnesses have said the same. Cant see much of the remains of the plane. There were two aircraft and they hit one tower each. FBI checking reports of a hijack moments before impact.

A big gaping hole in one tower, apparantly there was also an explosion after the second aircraft hit. Like fuel or other chemicals exploding.

According to reports, both aircraft were commercial jets, unknown if any pax were aboard.

Condolances to all killed, a huge tragedy.

11th Sep 2001, 17:43
The **** just hit the fan

The pentagon and what looks like the VP's house just got bombed as well

A palestinian group is claiming responsibility

Id love to stay but cant

11th Sep 2001, 17:55
FAA closing down the NAS! All US airports closed!

8:48 local time possibly a helicopter hits one tower. 18 minutes later a jet (looks like A310 or B737, reported as B767 hi-jacked with passengers) hits the other.

Another jet circling the White House???

This is a f*cking war!!!


11th Sep 2001, 17:57
Not VP's residence. Old Executive Building cross the street from White House. 3rd aircraft into Pentagon and there is a hellava lot of smoke, much more than from World Trade Center.

First aircraft was a American Airlines, Flight 11 from Boston to LA, was hijacked. dont know aircraft type but left a bigger hole in WTC than second aircraft. Air Force One just taken off from Florida

approx 40,000 people in WTC buildings plus those on ground. dont know about 2nd aircraft yet but it was much lower than the first.

this is huge, i cant believe it, the number of deaths is way too many to believe, its just a big shock. Someone is going to pay dearly when they find out who they are.

Like i said, the **** has hit the fan