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Mo Heekan
22nd Feb 2002, 22:09
Please may I have your thoughts and opinions on the above drill. The QRH drill for this is very 'Airbus', so I'm trying to simplify this procedure in my brain. As this is typically Pilot sized, I would appreciate your ideas .

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23rd Feb 2002, 00:54
Sorry, but forgot what the drill/procedure is like.

Anyway A330/340s fly for the same reason as any other aircraft...

Pitch and Power is the name of the game in a jet, right?

The target-values are the more or less the same for all jet-airliners.

The basic values should be second nature to recognize an unreliable airspeed situation in the first place.. .(Look in the QRH for average weights and memorize the numbers for climb/level flt/descent/app)

Then, just FLY THE AIRCRAFT (x-check the GS - comes from the IRSs - use the RA/GPS-alt to check the altimeter if youre low enough!), enter a holding above MSA/MEA/MGA, read the procedure, configure and land... Take your time and dont let the instructor hassle you.

Did I understand your question?

Mo Heekan
23rd Feb 2002, 11:29
You did WBD, thanks for your input. I really appreciate your thoughts & time spent to assist.

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23rd Feb 2002, 18:56
Did this failure in the last sim ride and although looks daunting when reviewing the checklist/QRH everything falls into place easily when actually doing it. As WBD said, use GS for a good reference when you are close to the ground but be wary of it at the higher levels as it might mislead you due to the difference between TAS and IAS at higher levels.

One of the first things to do as per checklist is to switch off A/P, F/D, and A/THRUST and take-over flying manually which will put you back in the loop.

If altimeter data is still OK, the Flight Path Vector will be very useful especially to maintain level flight once you are stabilised.

Going into the approach it is very important that you don't let the instructor rush you and take a reasonably long approach to allow yourself time to configure the flaps as per QRH.

In fact the most "critical" part of the excercise is the intial phase where you have to identify the problem but once you have established a safe flight path it should not be problem.

Hope this helps.

Mo Heekan
24th Feb 2002, 00:15
Dear 320,

Thank you very much for your input. I realise you guys have better things to do and I really appreciate your help.

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Cakky Pants
9th May 2002, 18:06
Ooh, I missed this posting, so I'll re-start it as I've got a q's or two..

What indications do you have that you have it? Is it a massive difference between PFDs, stuck airspeeds or what?

Also, if CM1 flies the a/c, do you suggest PNF do the thrust levers (as advocated by one instructor in my company) or let CM1 do both while PNF reads settings ad does flap/gera selections.

Hope you can help.

C. Pants


Cakky Pants
9th May 2002, 21:23
Thanks for the WHOLE drill Silky. Luckily I don't have a QRH or FCOM at home ;)

What about the indications then.........

C. Pants :p