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low n' slow
2nd Jan 2002, 16:46
Hey all!
At the moment I'm flying to get hrs for a CPL integrated. After this I might have the chance to hop on a tech-course for the twin otter. However, I havn't got a multi engine rating. I understand I will need this for the type rating check ride, but will I need it for the theory course?

I also wonder if I may fly turbine powered A/C without an ATPL certificate? As I understand things, the CPL groundschool does not include enough turbine theory (only an introduction to the concept) to give us a turbine rating. I have heard rumours though, that I wont need this rating as it will be provided by the tech-course and A/C rating. Is this possible?

If any one can answer these questions I would be very happy! Happy new year aswell and hope the industry picks up!

Best regards to you all/lns

Nick Figaretto
4th Jan 2002, 03:50
You will need a Multi-engine rating to fly a multi-engine aircraft, but you don't deed an ATPL to fly a turbo-prop.


low n' slow
5th Jan 2002, 23:05
Thanx Nick!
But will I need the ME to do the theoretical part of the rating (technical course)? And if I don't need the ATPL for turboprop, how do I get that rating. Will the turbine rating accompany the A/C rating?


5th Jan 2002, 23:30
Hi low'n'slow!

Sweden is entering the JAA FCL-league within the nearest future. The way things work within the JAR-FCL community is:

1) You must have a theoretical knowledge course to achieve a LICENSE! If you are not aiming at flying multi-pilot-aircarft (B737, F50, ATR etc.), but only aircraft certified to be flown by 1 pilot (KingAir, F406 etc.), you can settle for a CPL (and pressumably IR) theoretical course. You then go ahead and gain the CPL and IR license / rating. Or - if you aspire higher - you take the ATPL theoretical course before you gain your CPL / IR.

2) If you want to fly ME turbine aircraft under IFR conditions, you must also gain a ME (IR). This allows you to fly all multi-engine aircrfat that you are rated on under IFR conditions. It does however not allow you to fly the CLASS called MEPL (multi-engine piston/land), i.e. you cannot rent a Seneca and take a weekend-trip with the family.

3) You enter a technical course for the turbine type that you want to fly. Here you learn about the aircraft engine and systems. Concludes with a written exam.

4) You take your practical flight training on the turbine A/C and take a skill test, either as F/O only or as CDR.

5) Then there are no more steps - you have what you need.

Best wishes,

low n' slow
6th Jan 2002, 16:01
Thanx Ivan!
Just what I needed to know!