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3rd Nov 2003, 09:25
Hi All,
I have a sim evaluation coming up in the 747-200.
Currently driving Citations and King Airs so the prospect of being grilled in the 74 is a little daunting, the best I can do locally is get an hour of practice in either a 727,737 or MD-80 sim.
So my question for those who may have flown some of these types is which one would likely be the closest in terms of handling similarities.
It is also gonna cost me a weeks pay to rent the thing so I am hoping some 747 driver is going to tell me its just like a King Air but faster!!!

Any opinions would be appreciated.

3rd Nov 2003, 12:30
They're a little like a Citation, though far slower to react to any control inputs, etc.
Stick to about 2 - 2.5deg nose up on the ILS and about 10deg for the inital climb, Those two figures will keep you out of trouble.
They pitch up & down with power changes, unlike a Citation though so be prepared for that. Also, when going from flaps 25 to 30, you'll need a good burst of nose-up trim.
Pitch up about 2deg at about 30' on the radar altimeter & close the throttles at the same time for landing.
More if I think of it later.

3rd Nov 2003, 18:55
If it has PW -7J engines, a good EPR around the landing pattern and on the approach is 1.08. If RR D4 engines, 1.18. Have never flown with GE engines so cannot help there.

Flap retraction and extension schedules are complex. Basically, you retract the flaps in stages in increments of 20 KIAS above V2 (flaps 20 - 10 at +20 kts, 10 - 5 at +40 kts, 5 - 1 at +60 kts and 1 - 0 at +80 kts). The min speed for each flap setting is based on Vref (flaps 0 at +80 kts, 1 at +60 kts, 5 at +40 kts, 10 at +20 kts).

Good luck, its a great aircraft.

Flight Detent
3rd Nov 2003, 19:35
Hi Yankiwi,
Take all you can from all those guys, especially '18wheeler', he has lots of good experience on type - we used to fly together in the 742 until recently!
Also, when rotating at T/O, use the 3deg/sec rule so you don't get a tail-strike, that's too easy to do. The tail hits at about +11.5 deg with the MLG still on the black stuff.
I think the best type for your practice run is the B727, the cockpit layout is almost exactly the same (minus one engine, of course), and you will get your first look at a three crew environment, the best way to go!

Good luck :ok:

4th Nov 2003, 07:55
Go for the 727. especially for Instrument. scan. (similar clocks).
good luck.

6th Nov 2003, 09:22
Yankiwi, First just try to have fun in there, attitude is everything. It's stick and rudder just like every other plane you've flown. the big difference is mass and inertia. It takes a long time to accelerate or slow. Believe it or not the most realistic sim to duplicate that effect is Microsoft Flight Simulator. Try it to get the timing down. Look out for the balooning when going from flaps 10 to flaps 20. To land start a gentle flare at 50 feet and pull the power off at 30 feet (the altitude calls should be automatic, if not the F/E will make the calls) and she'll roll on nicely. Mostly just have fun as it's a great plane to fly.

Captain Airclues
6th Nov 2003, 19:28
There is a very realistic 'add-on' to the MS FSim called 'Jumbo Jet 2.0' produced by Data Becker. All instruments, controls and systems operate exactly as on the real aircraft.