View Full Version : Radio echos from 717

30th Dec 2001, 11:23
I have been flying around in the last couple of days a fair bit and have heard over the airwaves a number of times a QFLink 717 with a funny echo whenever it transmits a radio call. I believe it to be the same aircraft each time as once it was and aircraft flying into HB and the other time it was departing.

Is this something that the crew would be able to hear also?

Any info appreciated by a very puzzled TwinNDB!

30th Dec 2001, 17:46
I think it's the headsets they use twinNDB, I noticed the same myself. They use Telex Airmen headsets whereas AN/QF and I think DJ use Sennheiser's. It could be an aircraft noise as well similar to the wind noise that all 146s have.

30th Dec 2001, 19:48

Headset type makes utterly no difference of course. I am sure u would love a senheiser on your head, but there's just no technical reason for it.

Possible causes of "echoing" could be multipath signals arriving at the receiver out of phase, or an audio problem with the aircraft's audio system.

I am sure it will be reported and fixed in due course if it is an audio system problem.

No, the pilots may not be aware of it depending on what unit the sidetone is generated in.