View Full Version : Pw4000 EEC / EICAS

2nd Nov 2003, 21:08
Contrary to other fans I've tried, the PW 4000 does not have a required EICAS N1 indication before adding fuel on startup. Why not ?
Does the EEC inhibit fuel flow regardles of Fuel Ctrl. switch position if N1 is too low ?

5th Nov 2003, 10:47
We fly two versions of the GE as well as the PW4060. Both have the same start procedures, and the only mention of N1 is that we are to abort the start if "N1 fails to increase after EGT rise." I don't know if the EEC can sense N1 rotation prior to the indication coming alive on the EICAS.

I expect training next month and will ask.

5th Nov 2003, 17:04
I hope you've got better trainers tnan ours :)