View Full Version : Dutch aircraft with 281 passengers on board is preparing to make an emergency

1st Nov 2003, 22:02
14:52) Dutch aircraft with 281 passengers on board is preparing to make an emergency landing at Shannon Airport


Golf Charlie Charlie
1st Nov 2003, 22:16
A 737 with 281 aboard...?

1st Nov 2003, 22:33
tranatlantic in 737?

1st Nov 2003, 22:42
RTE News website has now changed the 737 to a Martin Air 767.

1st Nov 2003, 23:38
Another glorious day for Dutch aviation!

2nd Nov 2003, 00:17
Another glorious day for Dutch aviation!


What the hell is that meant to mean. Read everything carefully Capt. smelled strong smell of chemicals on board and decided to divert to Shannon. A good professional decision one that any pilot would have made regardless of nationality.

2nd Nov 2003, 01:12
chemical smell = dope smoke

2nd Nov 2003, 01:57
hmm well ignoring the the tedious side show...

was the chemical smell a false alarm? did it turn out to be anything noteworthy?

I dont recall 767's being associated with fume problems (such as the BAe 146).


White Knight
2nd Nov 2003, 13:43
but 757's were.;) ;)

3rd Nov 2003, 03:57
He was at 30 west when he declared a pan and did everything by the book, good on him. I know as l listened to him on 123.45

3rd Nov 2003, 04:03
Well done to the crew, although I'm not surprised.

Martinair had an extremely serious incident involving a 767, which lost quite a few systems (anyone remember it?) and landed safely at Boston. I think it was in the mid '90s sometime.

3rd Nov 2003, 07:30
:cool: Well done to the crew. As far as comment go as to "Dope smells", I am happy that there are at least a few airlines left that have no fear of diverting if the CREW think its the thing to do. BE IT Dope, Smoke, Smell or Fart, if the Captain and crew make a SAFE descion, then a job WELL DONE.

Well done Guys and Girls SOPS;)

3rd Nov 2003, 23:46
Dutch radio news reported today that after the second "technical problem" with the same ac, the pax refused a third try and demanded that a new ac be flown in.

.... Martinair management, in a highly unsual move, gave in to the passengers' request and flew in a new plane for them to continue their journey on........

Wonder what that was all about? :confused: