View Full Version : How invaluable has the ACARS network been to you / your airline?

27th Oct 2003, 05:15
I am in the currently in the running for a job at ARNIC at the moment, can anybody give an real life examples of ACARS network in action, say reporting fuel requirements in advance, or on board telemetry reporting issues that need fixing on the ground.

Any stories of how the network saved your bacon, or just simply makes life easier day to day with your airline would be greatfully appreciated, just so I can build a better understanding

Many thanks

27th Oct 2003, 07:01
My'olde'airline used it in Canada for years(country approx 2600 miles wide),once the kinks out o'the system it was truly invaluable.No more 'patches'about any subject -just address the note get an answer quick as that with changing weather in the term'areas.MTC knew all the aspects of the a/craft(interegation aloft).constant communication with DX,and unfortunately Crew Sched'.....Can't say enough about it..One Carrier(AA?)used to send 'ride ' reports the following flights on the same/near routes-Automatically:cool:

Draculas Teabag
27th Oct 2003, 17:17
Not the intended use I'm sure, :E but has been handy for those sporting fixtures being played whilst one is aloft - cricket, tennis, rugby etc. :ok:

28th Oct 2003, 02:39
Just one example, as it speaks for itself:

On 9/11 half our transatlantic fleet was called back via ACARS, the other half knew their alternates before ATC did...

28th Oct 2003, 21:45
we use it for company comms, ATIS, surface wx. worth its' weight in gold. useful for crew welfare as well, if delay is very long, the next set can get longer sleep.

on a diversion, perhaps notify handling agent who would otherwise be unavail.

29th Oct 2003, 03:42
Thanks for all of these.

Just goes to show what a great place the pprune forums are for asking questions.

Where else could you get the contrast that DT and RC have highlighted, but fully valid answers?

Cheers chaps