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29th Mar 2001, 17:04
Though not a Tech guy, I read with interest the references on PRUNE from time to time on airline's acquiring their AOC e.g. Euroceltic recently. I assume an airline is required to have qualified staff in key areas in place to make this all happen. For a say a small regional airline, what are those staff and what responsibilities do they normally have?

29th Mar 2001, 21:14
Good evening,
you can find the detailed requirements in the JAR-OPS regulations. Those are available online at the JAA web site.
The process involved in giving an AOC is described in the AGM-4 Section.

You might also be interested in the financial requirements. If so , have a look at the EEC regulation N 2407/92 and like that you will have all the data!
Enjoy :-)

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