View Full Version : C152 crash at Exeter

19th Apr 2001, 02:53
Hi guys, there was a bit of an incident today that ended happily in an instructor and student walking away from a potentially nasty accident.

At about 1300 (local) a C152 of Exeter Flying Club suffered an engine failure over Honiton, about 12 miles east of the field. I am not sure of their height, but they managed to glide towards the field but unfortunately they didn't reach the runway and landed in a field about 200 feet before the threshold for 26.

I believe the noswheel dug into a soft patch of earth and flipped the plane over, but the instructor and student managed to clamber out, fortunately there was no fire, but the fire crews were on the scene immediately, and Devon Air Ambulance based at Exeter quickly flew the short distance to the site.

Not sure when its going to be moved, I suppose the AAIB will have to be on site before that happens.

I don't know at the moment who the instructor was, but he did a great job, and if it wasn't for the 10knot tailwind, would probably have made the runway.