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22nd Oct 2003, 05:21
Could you please supply me with rough figures for the following details:

cost of new boeing 737-300

annual cost of maintenance (if possible, amount of flight hours that determine this)

average life span of boeing 737-300

I am investigating the cost per kg of running the plane and so need these to help with calculating fixed costs.

landing/parking tax (for one trip only, flying to kiev)

Thanks again,


Sheep Guts
22nd Oct 2003, 05:34
How about giving Boeing a Call. Theyll probably wont fan you off asthere doing it pretty tough at the moment :).


Or try looking at these second hand Jobies listed 737-300, 94 of them listed. Why buy new when now is the prime to buy second hand. try : http://www.globalplanesearch.com/view/resads/AllBoeing740AdsPage1.htm

Hope this helps.

23rd Oct 2003, 13:05
Wasn't the 600 one of the NG types - I thouigh it superceeded the 500 ??

Flight Safety
25th Oct 2003, 05:26
Slice is correct, at 102 ft the 736 is the shortest NG type.