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5th Jun 2001, 21:11
Hi guys,

Read in flight mag that BMC is looking for pilots on emb 140/145.

is it the same seniority list than BMI or somthing completly different.
So, if you start on emb 145 do have a chance to go on A320?

What are the working conditions (salary, roster,ambiance...)

Thank very much

6th Jun 2001, 01:49
Sorry different seniority list to BMI as they are 2 seperate companies.

BMI Regional do have a transfer agreement in place with BMI which supposedly works on a seniority basis. At current time, if BMI Regional can afford to let 6-12 pilots transfer a year, to join at the bottom would probably mean 3-4 years minimum to transfer.

As a new FO expect between 4-500 hours a year, with fairly stable roster. No guarentee on bases though as the populer EMA and LBA probably full already!

Hope this helps a little, cheers !!