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Golden Rivet
20th Oct 2003, 19:03
Trying to find out where the term 'Standard Landing' originates from.

Does this term have its roots in some legislation or was it just a term used by certain airlines and has spread to the general population?

Can anyone shed any light ?

22nd Oct 2003, 08:37
I think it comes from those who like to hear their own voice. :yuk:
I mean unless there is something wrong with the aircraft, why would you do anything else but a standard landing?:D

22nd Oct 2003, 10:51
Standard Landing or Stand-up landing. The latter being common accross Central and SouthAmerica where overcrowding is still occurring!! 52 pax on a 748???? It has apparently been done!

Apologies for the digression, just brought back fond? memories

Captain Stable
22nd Oct 2003, 16:34
The only time I've come across the term "Standard Landing" is in recertification of an aircraft for Cat II approaches.

If anything disturbs the certified equipment or there is a fault which removes Cat II certification, there is a requirement to carry out an approach in Cat I conditions, and for the approach to be faultless in the equipment's performance. This was referred to as doing a "Standard Landing".

Golden Rivet
22nd Oct 2003, 17:34
Thanks Captain Stable -

The term as you correctly point out is related to Autoland upgrades. My question is where did the the term originate from ? Is the procedure listed in a legislative document ?



Captain Stable
22nd Oct 2003, 20:05
Not as far as I know. I assume that the term comes merely from the performance of the equipment needing to be up to standard.