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19th Oct 2003, 03:47
I have heard the term "Direct Lift Control" several times now, but honestly do not know what it means, could someone please help!

19th Oct 2003, 05:04
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19th Oct 2003, 08:10
There are six spoilers on each wing, numbered 1 through 6 from inboard to outboard. These multifunction spoilers are used to improve roll control, for in-flight speed brakes, to improve glideslope tracking (DLC) and to provide automatic aerodynamic braking on the ground (AGS).
DLC improves the pitch axis response to help maintain the desired flight path during final approach and landing. Spoiler panels No. 1 through No. 4 (left and right) are deployed for DLC when the flap handle is set at 30 degrees or more and when any two throttles are retarded beyond a pre- determined setting.
From a nominal 7 degrees up position, the DLC spoilers are automatically and symmetrically modulated, over a +- 7-degree range, in response to pitch axis command signals related to positioning the stabilizer.

Hope this helps, cheers HD.

19th Oct 2003, 22:47
Thanks a lot for the responses!