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Capt R Swipe
18th Apr 2001, 22:32
Having recently decided to buy life insurance I was suprised to find that the premiun quoted was loaded by 125% due to my occupation (Airline pilot).I understand that insurance is based on cost versus risk but have been unable to obtain an explanation from the insurance Company on what criteria the risk analysis has been based.
I would very huch appreciate any info or recommendations from other ppruners regarding life insurance.
Quote so far:- Scottish widows level term
Sum assured 250,000
Term 15 years
Age 38
Area UK (south)
Premium (monthly) 38.00
Plus loading 41.66

Thanks for any advice, sorry about the boring subject!

V1 - Whats that?

18th Apr 2001, 22:55
Try getting insurance with my former profession. Believe me, you got off very lightly.

18th Apr 2001, 22:56
I am with Sun Alliance 150,000 South of England no loading 25 year term , joint life both non smokers.

All I can say is shop around it is NOT normal for insurance companies to load for a commercial pilot....or is there something your not telling us? for example do you do any aerobatic flying?

The only other factor to take into account is the amount, a cool quarter of a mil may get an underwriters pulse beating!The other thing you could do is try and take out 2 policies for 125,000 each with different companies.

I would go back to what I said earlier DO NOT EXCEPT the loading it is NOT normal!

18th Apr 2001, 23:32
In that case should we get danger pay for a high risk job.

John Boeman
19th Apr 2001, 01:02
Do not approach the Insurance providers directly. You can usually get a much better quote from an intermediary selling someones elses products, (I know that doesn't make sense). I did a "search" on the net and a company called "Online Life Insurance" came up with the best quote on a policy from Legal and General. There was no loading.

Deep Cover Gecko
19th Apr 2001, 01:17
I had trouble when I was applying for life insurance to cover my mortgage. Things were fine until I said that I was cabin crew. They then proceeded to ask me whether I normally worked more than 10ft off the ground (strange question, given the circumstances! http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/confused.gif ). When I said yes, they said that I could get cover, but if I was involved in an accident at work then it wouldn't be covered, but if I was a passenger then it would be fine.
On a similar thread, if the premiums are loaded that much for flying, then what are they like for train drivers or long distance lorry drivers etc which are supposed to be far more dangerous?

19th Apr 2001, 02:39
I do not know the reason, but every insurance application I have ever seen, usually has a question like "do you regularly take part in commercial flying, other than as a fare paying passenger?"

"I am a PPRuNaholic"

19th Apr 2001, 03:22
John Boeman is hitting on the right momma here I reckon.
Thing is, intermediary companies can get extra income from other firms offering bonus add-ons such as black cars and medical expenses for the missus, so can therefore offer insurance at a lower rate (sometimes) and with (obviously!) more benifits!
It is all a tricky game for the intermediary (I let the big-wigs down the booz..cough..the board-room work it all out) but they make wads and you can (sometimes) bet your bottom dollar they come up with a good deal for all!

19th Apr 2001, 05:28
U have a 1 in 19million chance of being killed in a plane crash.

U have a 1 in 22million chance of winning the lottery.

Forget life insurance invest the money each month into the lottery.

Alternatively and probably the better option look into different companies.


Grandad Flyer
19th Apr 2001, 13:29
I found that with the bank I was with - they wanted to load the premiums. Try other companies. I can recommend Traffords, a brokers who deal with every kind of insurance especially for pilots. They came up with a very good deal for my life insurance. 0870 9000 331. www.traffordsinsurance.co.uk (http://www.traffordsinsurance.co.uk) or e-mail [email protected]

I do find that my car insurance premiums get loaded, I believe that is because they reckon pilots have a stronger likelihood of falling asleep driving home after working all night. Can't believe that myself :)

19th Apr 2001, 15:23
I found that the Bank I was with approached my Unit Trust managers and asked for commision on my monthly unit trust standing order.
Of course they never asked or told me they were going to do that,but the fund manager did!!

We will do the drill according to the amendments to the amendments I er think?

19th Apr 2001, 18:47
The firm I work for actually class pilots in the lower end of occupations when it comes to car insurance.

A rough delve into possible occupations I did recently found that top of the list by far were
[list=1] Professional Footballers- Double that of an Airline Pilot! Pro Sportsmen/women Builders Insurance Consultants (how rude! :) ) Housewife/husbands Aircraft Engineers Flying Instructors Airline pilots

If anyone is wondering why pro footballers pay sky-high premiums it's because they are a higher risk for medical expenses, i.e; Giggsy has Becks in the back, has a huge smash, Giggsy & Becks can no longer play footy - wollop, huge payout alert!

I was actually hard pushed to find any occupations that pay less than that of a pilot! This may only apply to the firm I work for but in my experience, underwriting criteria tends to be pretty even throughout the field of companies.

Happy hunting!


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19th Apr 2001, 19:32
I have sadly had to postpone my commercial heli flying career due to lack of investment 1) on behalf of my employers in the form of hard earned cash http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/frown.gif
2)on behalf of God due to the ***** weather we have been having recently :mad:

The upside is my car insurance dropped by 40%

Southern Cross
19th Apr 2001, 20:03
Your quote is not too bad. However, try Sovereign (a broker), through whom I am arranging insurance at present underwritten with Legal & General. My position is a little different to yours - perhaps even harder to insure (?) - I wanted cover notwithstanding being PPL, up to 100 hrs per year including aerobatics and formation flying. Their Illustration is reasonable (comparatively speaking that is...)

Maybe they can assist you. Phone 01292 880074, ask for Nigel Howard.

19th Apr 2001, 22:19

I'm an Insurance Consultant, and an airline pilot wannabee.

Guess I'll get the shaft whatever happens?


C'est la vie I suppose.

Fly Better!
20th Apr 2001, 01:14
Whatever you do dont tell them you do air taxi flying in your spare time, they start rubbing their hands together.

PULL UP! PULL U........

20th Apr 2001, 02:11
BTW, sadly in life one thing is certain, everyone WILL die, Airline pilots can NOT be twice as likely to die, the odds are the same for everyone, NOT GOOD.......

"I am a PPRuNaholic"