View Full Version : Manx Airlines #2 - The Return of Boris !!

17th Oct 2003, 18:12
Watch for news of Manx Airlines version 2 to return shortly to the Isle of Man. Its former 'benevolent :mad: dictator', Captain Boris the :yuk: has been seen re-applying for his licence, and working in close concert with the Birdseeds, Logan's Run, and Western Airlines.

Rumour speaks of hordes :\ of former Manx Airlines flyboys and girls just queuing up to apply to work for their old mate :ouch: and former Ops Director :{ just as soon as they can get their redundancy packages sorted out :} .

Would the last pilot to leave Fraggle Rock please remember to turn out the lights...........................:ok:

yoohoo sista!
17th Oct 2003, 19:07
Who are you referring to?? Are we talking about Screwitt and the Boys? Let me know all the goss..

17th Oct 2003, 20:04
Different names same shafting, bend over boy's.

Capt. Horrendous
18th Oct 2003, 23:03
Obviously insider stuff cornflake - got to be careful what we all say because of confidentiality agreements, stock market rules and a fear of having ones head put on a pole outside Viscount House.

Last seen driving an MG off into the sunset, I had the impression that the person to whom you refer was enjoying life too much on the outside to get involved again.

I don't think it's fair to say that people are queing up to sort out their redundancy packages - but things used to be a lot better than they are now - it's got to be said.

Time will tell, eh ?.

20th Oct 2003, 00:48
The reins of power :E are addictive, and Boris :ok: was ever an addict. How can one enjoy life if one is not commanding the heights :oh: and leading the troops :rolleyes: - just a thought :sad:

Anyway, am now buying shares in Cregeen and Kniveton, IOM Removals Ltd. := Should be some good dividends to be made with all the increased business ;) .

20th Oct 2003, 03:11
Shares in The Shore might be worth buying too.

Anyone ever see Monty again after his disappearing act?

23rd Oct 2003, 05:26
Personally i think it would be a good thing to get manx airlines back up and running (get those nice choco three legs of man :ok: )

Good luck to them!!

23rd Oct 2003, 05:43
Monty was last seen delivering pizzas off the back of a moped in Spain - nothing changes!

Interesting times on the rock, wouldn't like to be an airline boss - but I guess if you get to write the car reviews again??

Beacon Outbound
23rd Oct 2003, 16:26
Earth calling Cornflake, come in Cornflake.
Stormin Normin is v. unlikely to ever obtain ticket to fly again. Old ticker was refettled several years ago and subsequently medical lost. Cannot see the ministry of planes giving that one back.

However..... if a reincarnation is on the cards of Manx Airlines then I can see the old team being cobbled back together. Good Luck.

Interesting times on the rock, especially as BA Shirty Unpressed rumoured to be dropping IOM as an operating base from next March. Apart from the Engineering base. So time to crank up the old team perhaps.

23rd Oct 2003, 20:28
BA announcement later this month apparently !!