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15th Oct 2003, 23:57
Just saw this on our company intranet, apparently lifted from another site. Looks like LHR will be the place to aviod next week....

Final Concorde flight: public urged to stay away

Concorde enthusiasts are being warned not turn up at Heathrow for the supersonic aircraft's final flight.

The Metropolitan Police and BAA Heathrow are strongly advising members of the public to stay away because the London airport has not got the space, reported Ananova.

A joint statement warned: "There are only very limited viewing facilities on the north side of the airport and the general public should not expect to be accommodated by turning up on the day."

Concorde's last commercial flight on October 24 coincides with many school half-term holidays and is expected to be one of the airport's busiest days of the year.

There will be no vantage points for spectators within the central terminal area. Anyone using this area as a look out will be moved on by police who will also be watching out for people parking illegally.

The spectators' viewing area remains closed on Department for Transport advice, as will the car park roofs.

There will be no special parking arrangements available and existing car parks are already heavily used.

BAA Heathrow is looking at implementing traffic and other limitations to ensure public safety.

Tom the Tenor
16th Oct 2003, 03:08
Ah, yes, aviation enthusiasts and aeroplane lovers all over the world are just such terrorists aren't they?

The hobbies of aeroplane spotting and taking photos of aeroplanes have been torn apart by the security fascists in America and Europe in their empire building schemes to justify the kind of disgusting behaviour being dished out to some aeroplane enthusiasts.

Remember, the actions of September 11th were not carried out by spotters and enthusiasts but by some fare paying terrorist pilot passengers screened at U. S. airports by the creme de la creme of U. S. airport security intellingenstsia.

16th Oct 2003, 03:14
:mad: :mad: :mad:

Really annoying, and totally pointless. Is it that BA/LHR bods can't understand enthusiasts point of view, or do they have some kind of intelligence that we don't? I can understand wanting to keep congestion down - I wouldn't want my journey delayed by spotters, but would it really be such a bad PR move to let the spectators in? Security point on the roof viewing gallery for instance?

Incidentally, the roof platform security is a laugh. Went up there last December and no-one batted an eyelid.

Golf Charlie Charlie
16th Oct 2003, 03:46
Couple of months back I went to the top floor of the car park at Terminal 3 for a bit of viewing as I had several hours to kill, not knowing about the signs that are there now saying 'leave the area immediately'. In fact, I stayed half an hour or so - no-one batted an eyelid then either.

16th Oct 2003, 05:16
GCC - won't be that way on the 24th unfortunately.

I would suggest to anyone wanting to go:

Don't drive. Really no - the best use for the inner roads will be for spectators, potentially forcing essential airport traffic further out. Spectator vehicles in the area will frustrate things for everyone - the people coming to watch, those who've come to catch a flight, and the normal stuff that has to shuttle around to make the airport work.

Instead, take the tube to Hatton Cross and work it out from there (theoretically you could take a bus, but plan on a 30 minute+ walk round to the perimeter by the North runway. Definitely skip the idea of going to the terminals - by tube, heathrow express or whatever - they're pretty rubbish for views anyway, and the plod will be out in force to stop it going silly.

Expect the view from the perimeter to be a bit limited. The screens on the fence will be problematic, but you may still get to see some action before the flare and roll. The earliest of birds might get a seat in some limited grandstand seating, but the as-likely limited scale of it (or any special arrangements like tickets) is not public domain yet.

If you want a convenient 30 mins of nice aircraft views, then BBC2 is probably the place to be.

But if - like many of us - you really feel you have to be there, then set the video recorder and get down there. You may walk away feeling like you've gone travelled afar to watch your favourite team lose the championship, but there isn't an alternative. And who knows, the Met + BAA just might make it work, albeit crudely, for the spectators taking their chance.

16th Oct 2003, 06:39
It seems that between BA and BAA there is a mighty cock-up waiting to happen.

1.) Because BA have decided to retire her on the Friday of October half-term, historically the busiest travel day of the year. (Remember the times they've had to close T1 due to overcrowding?). But this year, not only will the world and his wife be heading towards LHR, the cousins and grandparents will be as well!

2.) BAA have only suddenly realised that there are a number of people in the UK who actually care that this country's significant contribution to the history of commercial aviation is having its swansong. So they've come up with a half-cocked plan to allocate 1000 viewing seats to lucky members of the public.......as if it's some sort of Ryder Cup final match. So what are the other 249,000 people supposed to do?

I hope the day goes well, as I'm planning to be there. But I'd advise (along with others) to take some sort of concrete ground transport......tube, Heathrow Express etc. Not a car as you'll never get parked and you'll get stuck in traffic.

(Personally, I plan to fly in and fly out.)

16th Oct 2003, 11:18
I have to say I agree with Tom about the provision of enthusiasts facilities; personally, much as I admire the aircraft, I wouldn't go out of my way to see Concorde, but generally, the failure to provide enthusiasts facilities is very much an obstacle to effective security. There will always be enthusiasts and it is stupid of the DFTR to think otherwise or to think they just won't come; they will and they will just find other vantage points which only makes it more difficult for those entrusted with security.

I intend to raise this matter with the Commons Select Cttee on Transport, because it's really not good enough; security, to be effective, needs to be focused.

:mad: :mad: :mad:

16th Oct 2003, 16:35
Shame the attitude towards what will be such a memorable event seems so typically British. Always keen to knock all the things that should keep the Great in Gt. Britain.

Still, there will be some departures to view and I wonder how many will go to Filton on 031117 to see the final touchdown.

Birmingham would appear to be doing its best for the locals to come and see the last visit. See www.bhx.co.uk
I understand the aircraft will be taxied past the viewing area on arr. and dep. irrespective of Rwy in use.

I guess these "farewell" visits will be tame with not so much as a Low Level pass..............:sad:

16th Oct 2003, 16:47
23rd OCTOBER final revenue departure should also generate loads of specatotors for the outbound BA001 LHR-JFK 1845LT.

There is a lot of talk about this amongst the fraternity for both days and utter chaos and crowds are already being mentioned.

And whats this about a grandstand being errected near the Colnbrook part of Stanwell Moor Road????

All BAA have offered to do is for people to go to the visitor centre, what use is this if Concorde lands on 27L or 09R (like this weeks easterlies!!). You might bet your bottom dollar BAA will do nothing helpful to give her a good send off or do much to accomodate those wishing to travel far & wide to see her final flight.

Those coming to pay their respect will come and come in number.
If you have sense, you must try to come by public transport as parking around runway ends and permiter roads is a nightmare and virtually non existant.

The thing is, whoever is on the left seat or in charge in the tower on the day may way dissapoint a lot of people if a last minute decision to change runways is made! that would be fun (not..)

Should be an interesting couple of days.
Let the crowds gather !

Curious Pax
16th Oct 2003, 17:29
They ought to put the Manchester guys in charge - they have realised (as happened for the Champions League Final) that a huge number of extra spectators will be around, and have planned to accomodate them with extra capacity at the Viewing Park. They are not a charity, so I imagine they made sufficient profit on the Champions League effort to demonstrate that doing this is a commerically sensible move, as well as getting all the spectators in a controlled area, out of the way of regular passengers.

This particular case is not a spotters issue, as Concorde generates such interest in the public generally that I suspect that spotters will be a minority at LHR on the 24th. These days a sensible aviation company would leap at the opportunity for good publicity....

Given that BAA are normally not backwards in trying to make a few quid from airport visitors I'm amazed that they haven't tendered for a 3rd party to run the viewing facilities on a regular basis - Frankfurt do it in a secure manner, charge a reasonable sum, make a profit from it, and are one of the biggest tourist attractions in Germany. Anyone with any funds to put together a business proposition? I would do it, but I'm taking on a mortgage today to that makes my eyes water!!

16th Oct 2003, 19:45
Don't understand the thinking on blocking car park roofs, etc. for security on an event like this. If there are a few hundred enthusiasts at any particular point how would some terrorist pull their SAM out of whatever holdall, lift to shoulder, acquire and fire without anyone - let alone the plod - seeing them. These things aren't small.
If they want to do a suicide bomb explosion why choose a roof not inside the terminal.

Daft, really!

Stefan Stefanovic
16th Oct 2003, 20:27
It seems like the manegment of London Heathrow keeps saying that it welcomes plane spotters, but currently it seems that there are few facillitys to maintain spotters. And if they insist that they ignore the last flight of Concorde is ridicules. I understand that there are safety concerns but they have closed so many sites but have not opend any.

Jordan D
16th Oct 2003, 21:00
All of a sudden, I'm feeling rather happy I'm going to be at EDI on the 24th rather than at LHR. That is unless BAA try and do something stupid with respect to the crowds that are likley to be there.


16th Oct 2003, 23:13
The thing is, whoever is on the left seat or in charge in the tower on the day may way dissapoint a lot of people if a last minute decision to change runways is made! that would be fun (not..)

Not a fair comment dude!!!! Changing runway direction isn't something done for entertainment. While I can honestly feel for those of us who would love an opportunity to bid a fond fare-thee-well to the pointy one, unfortunately Heathrow isn't the best place for an influx of spectators.

If I had a dollar for the number of times I have skipped off the M25 on my way to West Drayton on a weekend and met a throng of people parked on the footpath/road under the 09L threshold when we're landing easterlies. And some of the parking efforts are down-right dangerous. Mixed in with the T5 work and road work going on at the moment, that end of the airport is asking for trouble!

And, I agree it sucks the viewing gallery on top of the Queen's Building is still closed, but this is going to be one of the busiest days we have had! As BahrainLad mentioned, T1 has been closed in the past due to congestion. Guarenteed the roads about are going to be gridlocked with passengers already.........as much as I hate to say it, I don't want to be anywhere near the place. I'll be sitting in a pub somewhere, recalling ky own fond memories (and if we are easterlies, it'll be in Windsor!)

16th Oct 2003, 23:33
Story at work is that BA want to use the northern runway whatever config we're on.

I have visions of all the TC/LL Tower ATCOs coming in for the afternoon shift getting stuck in traffic, unable to make it in, therefore six mile spacing due lack of staff, big inbound delays, and all three Concordes (assuming BA can get three flying at the same time?!), diverting to Stansted or Gatwick!

16th Oct 2003, 23:45
Gridlock......lack of staff.....hey, didn't the BBC make a "mock-umentary" about this?

Seriously though and not making light of the carnage that awaits and it will be, that pub in Windsor sounds better and better.

Max Angle
17th Oct 2003, 00:21
Supposed to be coming in to LHR to go work that afternoon, I wonder how much time to allow, perhaps I might just bring my sleeping bag in the previous day and not bother going home!.

PPRuNe Towers
17th Oct 2003, 03:26
Could someone help with some approximate timings for the 24th. Folks might like some info to assist with educated decisions whether visiting or wanting to avoid the area.

17th Oct 2003, 03:30
As I understand it there is a window of around 20 minutes in which all 3 will be landing. This will be around 1700 is what I have been told but he who should know. But he has been wrong before.

As for being in the area it will be mass bedlam I would have thought. Thousands going home and thousands slowing down to see what they can see and some who will park ANYWHERE and cause chaos! :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

Two of them will probably go over my house (touching wood) and I'll make do with that. :{

17th Oct 2003, 04:20
Jer, yep, I'll be in Windsor if we're on Easterlies.

Am tempted by the shindig on the sixth floor put on by management, but as the TV cameras will be there, we'll be hard pressed to concentrate with point Seven doing his usual antics to keep the camera on him!

17th Oct 2003, 04:29
3 a/c inbound. One from JFK, another EDI and the third returning from a local flight from LHR. Times I've heard are all 3 sched at 16:00, however this is prob 17:00 local!

Apparently BA2 will go straight into No1 mtc area on landing to offload pax at a buffet. The other two have requested to taxi around the airfield inc south side b4 finally parking. The roadway into No1 mtc will be closed 15mins prior to BA2 landing.


17th Oct 2003, 04:42
Target is 16:00 local, North Runway.

I have conflicting reports on direction. A BA pilot friend is saying the intention is 27 regardless unless winds really don't permit, but I've heard the opposite elsewhere.

17th Oct 2003, 07:14
I'll be there for sure, no keeping me away !!.

I am working however, so will have a nice view away from all the crowds. Will be out on the ramp with camera in hand !. :cool:


Jordan D
17th Oct 2003, 18:24
For me it'll be at EDI for departure, then hot foot it back, to my common room, to watch the BBC for their broadcast of the triple landing.


17th Oct 2003, 18:58
Looks like Birmingham know how to plan for these sort of things:

Birmingham International Airport has been chosen to be the first UK airport British Airways' Concorde will visit on her final tour.
The aircraft will land at Birmingham Airport at 11:40 on Monday 20th October and depart later that day at 16:05.

Spectators arriving by car should park in Long Stay Car Park 2 within the passenger terminal site. A free shuttle bus will transport visitors from LSCP2 to the viewing areas, which are external locations near to the airport’s runway and will provide excellent views of Concorde’s arrival and departure. The Airport Company advises spectators to wear suitable clothing for this time of year.

Viewing areas will be clearly signposted and any visitors accessing them by foot will be guided by Event Marshals.

17th Oct 2003, 19:36
Fair comment...
I wasnt making statment of practicality just it would really screw things up if a last minute change of runway was made due wx or tech reasons... dont get me wrong I wasnt underminding any authority, ability or making the statement or assumption these things are done for devilment.

It would be interesting to see if this happened, or as someone else said .. diverted to STN or LGW for whatever reason...

17th Oct 2003, 22:58
:ok: Fair enough BRIS.......

It is going to be a big day...let's hope the publicity is for the right things!

18th Oct 2003, 00:00
Hi... does anyone have a definite list of what (if any) flypasts/public celebrations are planned for the Last Week?

And let's NOT put this in the Nostalgia forum until AFTER next weekend! She ain't dead yet!

Can we make this topic sticky for the week so people can check it quickly?

Thanks all

stormin norman
18th Oct 2003, 02:50
The last commercial flight should have been into filton
1.No air traffic delays.
2.Lots of parking and a nice day out for the spotters.
3.One less flight out of heathrow.
Then they could shove it back in the hanger from where it came and turn it into a museum.

20th Oct 2003, 16:37
Hello All,

despite BAA trying to actively discourage peolpe from attending LHR to view the last ever flight of the concorde.. BUT i want to go, see the sight of the most magnificent flying machine ever touching down, smell the fumes, have my ears drums rumbbled again... SO

I know it will be busy BUT

does anyone know a good place to see it on the approach and any idaes which runway it will be on, i know yesterday i think the south runway was out of action for it !

Cheers Spitty

20th Oct 2003, 16:58
The word on the street is it will be the north runway (Cheers Gonzo!). If the wind stays this way, then plan on 9L (I haven't seen a forcast). B.A. will love me for this, but if we are easterlies, you could try for around the Waterfront development on the A4 (Bath Road). But, as always, there will be those no brainers who will park illegally, and probably will get fined/clamped etc, and will bitch and moan about it!

It's gonna be a sh!te fight though getting there.

20th Oct 2003, 17:20
Yup, it sure is!! There are already messages on those big information boards on the M25 and M40 - and others, I guess - proclaiming congestion around LHR on Fri 24th and imploring us all to keep away!

How many 'f's in fat fiddling chance!


20th Oct 2003, 17:25
What did happen on 09R last night?
Saw BAA ushering the hundreds on people from Hatton X area round to 09L to see the BA001 depart.
Loads and Loads of people around LHR over the weekend.
BAA had errected cordons, safety notices and even closed the Western Perimiter road yesterday evening to stop Concorde spotters getting round.
What BAA have done is shift the masses of interested people off of BAA proprtey and onto public highways, I bet the Police love that. The cordons and barriers havent solved the problem of loads of people gathering at each rwy end, just shift them elsewhere!
Roads VERY VERY congested Sat & Sun from 1650hrs onwards God knows what it will be like on Friday.

Notices gone up saying EASTCHURCH ROAD to be closed for "safety & security reasons" of the Concorde final flight on the afternoon of Friday 24th October.

Best place to see is in the field off the Stanwell Moor Rd (threshold end of 09L) or on the Colnbrook village bridge over M25 (served by the 81 Bus). The H30 bus also a good way to get around the western perimiter & Hatt X without your car.

20th Oct 2003, 17:47
Can anyone post the Departure/Arrival times for the services that day?

20th Oct 2003, 17:50
The marriott hotel at Heathrow are selling afternoon teas for £12.50 or 6 course gala lunch guest speaker, jazz band,ect for £120.00, with a view of the 3 concordes landing from the roof.
Contact Kulveer on 02085646128.

enjoy it while you can.

20th Oct 2003, 18:41
I was suckered into waiting at 9R, lots of people, at Hatton Cross, but did not see nice police man ushering to 09L.....heard but did not see.....never mind......

20th Oct 2003, 18:47
It would be ironic if the last flight ends up diverting to LGW or other due wx/tech or other event :O

20th Oct 2003, 19:04
I saw the very first commercial departure in 1976, but I even though I am a local, I can't face the hassle of going to LHR on Friday. It's going to be mayhem, as the local roads just won't cope. I shall raise a glass to the old lady later.

20th Oct 2003, 19:14
i have been promised a car parking space in a carpark on the bath road, nr hatton cross, getting there might be a problem i guess, but once youre in, saying that its a long long walk from 27L to 9R !!!

fingers crossed.. i did hear that HM the Queen did request that conc flew over Windsor on the last flight in which might mean a Rwy27 landing.. again careful look at the met and a scanner might help

:D :D

20th Oct 2003, 19:31
Did anyone see the unusual but impressive side to side approach of the BA002 over Windsor on Saturday afternoon.
Nice slow, high angle approach banking softly left to right on finals!
Was this to impress HM the Queen & co?

20th Oct 2003, 19:39
All due respect to HRH but I don't quite believe this one!

20th Oct 2003, 19:54
It would seem that one of the best places to be at LHR is the Pink Elephant car park. Pay for half a day's parking and get a ringside seat. Get there early with plenty of sarnies and a large thermos!

I was in the area on Sunday evening and, seeing the signs warning of queues [and reading here] I went into the park. I saw 0002 arrive (beautifully) at the western extremity of the park and then went down the eastern end to wait for 0001's departure. Superb, shatteringly good as it was already dark and the reheat and the noise was magnificent. Both on 09L, it was perfect, no crowds.

There were many folks waiting the the 02 arrival but the parking people came around to check who had cars and chased out those that had just walked through the barriers. For the 01 departure, no one else was there. It was worth the money.

Having enjoyed the ride from the inside in August, I wanted to remind myself of what it was like on the outside!!

20th Oct 2003, 20:07
Further to Idunno's request above, and apologies if they have been posted elsewhere, does anybody have the Edinburgh Arrival/Departure times for Friday's flight?

Jordan D
20th Oct 2003, 20:10
Jerricho, word has is that HM has allowed for the Round House at Windsor to be floodlit, especially for the Dept to JFK on Thursday night.

This is her way of 'slauting' the bird that's saluted her so many times, as the Round House is only normally lit at offical state occasions.

What's the latest info about Concorde at EDI?


20th Oct 2003, 21:10
Jordan......if word has it, then far from it for me to believe otherwise (I was actually referring to speculation of the runway!). Thank you for "enlightening" me reference the Round House.

The weather forecast (although, we all know what an exact science Met is!!) for Thursday night is a NE blow, which looks to be swinging about to the NW sometime during Friday. I hate changing ends! We'll have to see what pans out, and how strong the wind is!

20th Oct 2003, 21:14
Speedbird One Crew, Saturday 18 Oct

After reading back their take-off clearance, the crew of 001 paid tribute to those who had come to say goodbye.

This was grately appreciated by the hundreds of people gathered gathered in the chilly evening air near Hatton Cross to watch her depart, when it was relayed to them by those with radios -- most didn't seem to have scanners or be "aviation enthusiasts", they seemed to be members of the great British public, who simply wanted to be part, however small, of this piece of aviation history.

This sight -- and sound -- of four Olympuses (Olympi ?) on reheat disappearing into the darkening sky is one that will remain with me for a long time...

If anybody reading this is in contact with the crew, please let them know that their gesture was greatly appreciated by those present.


Did anyone see the unusual but impressive side to side approach of the BA002 over Windsor on Saturday afternoon.

Yes, I noticed that too :) and I didn't think it was that windy...

[ Edited to add ]

Could Jerricho or somebody else in the know report at what sort of range can we expect them to be vectored on to the localiser ? (in either direction ?)


Mark Lewis
20th Oct 2003, 21:43
It was Les Brodies last BA002 on Saturday and he was enjoying himself! Very choked up as was his FO on landing. It was really nice for the departing BA001 later on thanking everyone, very touching indeed!
One more ear drum roasting for me on Tuesday night before I go across to Denmark, and then the final ever one on the 17th of November :{

20th Oct 2003, 21:45
BA9021 GOING BHX-LHR etd 1515z eta LHR 1700z today.
Looks from the routing that its going round t'Bay of Biscay.

BA002 ETA 1619z LHR today.

20th Oct 2003, 22:10

I'll try. The wind over the past couple of days has been kinda strong straight down the runway. Coupled with the fact that some of us LL controllers are crap at easterlies (well, I know I am!), we tend to run longer finals than normal (ideally, we like to be turning on about 12 miles out). Also, the fact our pointy friends are a little quicker than your average jet, we allow for a little extra room ahead of them on final approach. So, with the three of them in the sequence, it'll be kinda fun. If it's westerlies, if you were on the London Eye it could be an intersting show.

(Who knows, maybe a chance for a parallel?! But please don't quote me on that or get hopes up! Not sure on how it's going to be played!)

20th Oct 2003, 22:17
Could anyone confirm that the BA1 is cancelled tonight (Monday 20th). It says so on BA's website, but is this just to stop people from going along to watch?!


20th Oct 2003, 22:24
x, BA001 is indeed cancelled. I believe because BA don't have enough airworthy Concordes to operate the UK 'jollies' as well as the two JFK flights. BA002 is, however, speeding it's way home. The Birmingham flight is due in around 1745 I think.

[Edited to correct shoddy punctuation. Thanks strafer :ouch:]

21st Oct 2003, 00:39

Concorde will be departing LHR at 1005 for 1145 arrival in Edinburgh then leaving again at 1420.

Does anybody know which approach this will be on - going to go out there in the camper van pretty early and hopefully get a good spot!


21st Oct 2003, 00:45
Wow I'll be the punters on the canx BA001 were thrilled to bitsies!!! 'Here, have a Club World trip instead' or something just wouldn't quite cut it...

21st Oct 2003, 01:31
No doubt Skippy will be wondering why there's so much fuss being made about his murder of Concorde.

Well, you antipodean simpleton, it's because:

1. There are still people with pride alive in Blairland.
2. There is nothing as beautiful in the sky. As Andre Turcat's chase Meteor pilot said way back then on the first flight "You cannot know how beautiful you look"
3. Some things are simply intangible. Explain to your idiot beancounters what the term 'intangible asset' means....

......and a lot of people will never, ever fly ba again as a result. On principle. Because we're British and we're like that.

If I had ba shares (which fortunately I don't), I'd be selling them quick.

21st Oct 2003, 01:56

Really depends on the wind.

Does anybody know where she'll be parked at Edinburgh?


Hand Solo
21st Oct 2003, 03:07
Well they say there are only three certainties in life - birth, death and taxation. I'll like to add a fourth - BEagles anti-BA claptrap!

......and a lot of people will never, ever fly ba again as a result. On principle. Because we're British and we're like that.

What absolute, unfounded, total garbage! As I stood amongst the 8000 strong crowd at BHX today to see the old bird for possibly the last time, did I hear people grumbling "I'll never fly BA again!"? Did I b******s! Did I hear all the pax connecting on to Concorde last week say "I'll never fly BA again because of what they did to Concorde!"? No again. Most people were glad it had lasted so long, which has largely been due to the influence of BA. For the umpteenth time on this forum, Airbus pulled the plug, not BA. The British public are not, as you seem to think, completely stupid. Even Branson has been rumbled in the current issue of 'The Economist', which reveals he only hoped to be able to run Concorde for a few months until Airbus pulled the plug.

If I had ba shares (which fortunately I don't), I'd be selling them quick.

As a well known BA-hater, it doesn't surprise me you don't have shares, but I doubt anyone will be following your investment advice and I don't think we'll be seeing the shares tumble come Monday morning.

Golf Charlie Charlie
21st Oct 2003, 03:08
Explain to your idiot beancounters what the term 'intangible asset' means....

I am on your side, so don't have a go at me, but I think you'll find the beancounters are only too good at explaining away the concept of intangible assets, as these represent a major part of any business and there are textbooks galore on the subject. Maybe this was your point.

flange lubricator
21st Oct 2003, 03:10
I think there are going to be more people there than BAA imagine. Myself and a mate are moderately interested in aviation in general and are flying down from Scotland just to see them land! If we are then a WHOLE LOAD of others are!!

21st Oct 2003, 04:38
Hi, there,

Earlier on Taildragger67 mentioned that passengers who'd
booked BA001 for today (20th Oct) would be very disappointed
at it being cancelled. I think the schedule for that day (and 22nd
Oct) was withdrawn many weeks ago when BA decided on the
schedule for the UK farewell tour. I had downloaded their
timetable ages ago and noticed there was no BA001 for 20th or
22nd Oct.

So, 21st and 23rd are the last BA001's :{ :{ :{

Nothing would make me happier than if BA said they'd figured out
a way to keep some of them flying a scheduled passenger
service, or even if they could do several months of Bay of Biscay
flights, at least it would give us all a chance to fly on her.


21st Oct 2003, 04:52
Well, I was in Windsor Great Park taking a few photos of Concorde today, both the BAW2 and BAW9621 (?) from EGBB, both landed within ten minutes. We were the only people there apart from one or two dog walkers who didn't even look up! I was expecting to have to fight for car parking space.

Shame. And fellow PPRuNer Yellow Snow didn't even say anything witty or poignant on the R/T!

21st Oct 2003, 05:15
After the recent Piccadilly Line derailment, is travelling to LHR by tube a good idea? Does anyone know if it's running again?

21st Oct 2003, 06:10
(Who knows, maybe a chance for a parallel?! But please don't quote me on that or get hopes up! Not sure on how it's going to be played!)

Thanks, Jerricho, understood :ok:

Are any PPRuNers going to be manning the interesting positiosn at Heathrow or West Drayton on the day ?

21st Oct 2003, 15:20
Hand solo - my 'anti-ba claptrap'?

Yes - I thouroughly detest the stink of the Marshall/King era and the fact that many of those named in the 'Dirty Tricks' scandal are still on the payroll.

And as for the premature death of Concorde wrought by ba, words fail me. For which, I know, you'll be grateful.

National flag carrier? Not since Ailing Bob's graffiti on the tails gave Richard Branson the chance to pick up the mantle.

21st Oct 2003, 15:50
Just while we are mentioning Concorde and Bob Ayling, is the Christine Ayling who was a FA on board when I was making my farewell supersonic trip a couple of months ago his daughter? I never got round to asking.

21st Oct 2003, 17:22
Does anybody know what time the departure from Edinburgh is? I'm on the 18.10 Easyjet to Luton and I'm worried about getting caught up in the traffic.

Warped Factor
21st Oct 2003, 17:57
Gordon17 wrote:

Does anybody know what time the departure from Edinburgh is? I'm on the 18.10 Easyjet to Luton and I'm worried about getting caught up in the traffic.

1420 local, so should be nice and quiet around the airport when you're leaving.


21st Oct 2003, 18:16
After the recent Piccadilly Line derailment, is travelling to LHR by tube a good idea? Does anyone know if it's running again? The Metroploitan Line derailed at Hammersmith Station and the Northern Line at Camden Town. Not aware of any problems with the Picc. Transport for London - Tubes (http://tube.tfl.gov.uk/).

21st Oct 2003, 18:18
have heard current estimates in the LHR area of upwards of 300,000 people, from all walks of life, spotters, enthusiasts, business men, famillies.. people who want to bid farewell to a piece of anglo-french History

I will be there, spending hours in traffic and on crowded tube trains, WHY.. to say farewell, to hear the Olympi engines, to smell the kerosine, to see the bird land,, WILL IT BE WORTH IT




No comment
21st Oct 2003, 18:24
I'm thinking of going up to see the last dep to JFK on thursday evening (1830 dep so what do you reckon, airborne around 1850?). Never seen her in the dusk so hopefully my last view will be the most spectacular...

Not too familiar with LHR but seeing as the Queen is going to salute Concorde with the floodlights on Windsor Castle (normally only reserved for state occasions) can I presume that unless there is a moderate wind to dictate otherwise the lovely bird will be departing 27R?

I really dont want to miss the last photo opportunity (although I'm thinking of taking the 17th Nov off!!!!!)


Hand Solo
21st Oct 2003, 18:55
Yes - I thouroughly detest the stink of the Marshall/King era and the fact that many of those named in the 'Dirty Tricks' scandal are still on the payroll.

And probably the majority of those on the payroll had nothing to do with it or didn't even work for BA at the time. Get over it.

And as for the premature death of Concorde wrought by ba,

Your ability to ignore the facts which are inconvenient to your doctrine is both remarkable and frightening. One can only hope you keep a more open mind when you fly. Clearly you consider the role of Airbus and Air France in Concordes history to be inconsequential, and you have presumably overlooked the fact that were it not for BA Concorde would have ceased flying in 2000 after the Gonesse accident.

National flag carrier? Not since Ailing Bob's graffiti on the tails gave Richard Branson the chance to pick up the mantle.

Who said anything about flag carriers? But whilst your on the subject, painting a union flag on a winglet does not make you a flag carrier, especially when its on the side of an Icelandic registered aircraft. As for Bob Ayliing, he went a long time ago. Like I said before, get over it.

21st Oct 2003, 19:04
If the reliability that Concorde's shown over the past few months is anything to go by, then Airbus must have withdrawn support ages ago!

21st Oct 2003, 19:28
Following from today's Justplanes.com:

British Airways (Oct 21, 2003)
In its last week of service Concordes are operating around 20 farewell flights which are to culminate
with the final arrival of 3 aircraft into London on Friday. The plan is to have 3 Concordes land in
succession on Heathrow's north runway.
The current planning for tha aircraft, subject to last minute change is as follows :
G-BOAC = will go to the Manchester Airport Viewing Park.
G-BOAD = will go to the Intrepid Air and Space Museum in New York City.
G-BOAE = will go to the Museum of Flight in Seattle.
G-BOAF = will go to Filton for a new Aviation Heritage Center.
G-BOAG = will go to a Barbados group.
Seen below is Concorde 'G-BOAC' making its final appearance at Birmingham yesterday.

A few questions:
1/ When will the "real" final Concorde departures be from LHR, and when will the "real" final trans-atlantic crossing take place and which flight will be the "real" final landing...?
2/ Who's this Barbados Group? The other final resting places make some sense.
3/ Interesting to note that our friends across the pond will get two aircraft, one too many perhaps?
4/ Can the aircraft fly LHR/SEA non-stop?

Hat's off to a beautiful aircraft....

(PS _ I won't be at LHR - sounds like to big a mess!! Better in front of BBC hopefully....

Mark Lewis
21st Oct 2003, 19:57
G-BOAE will fly to first JFK, then possibly ORD, and then onto SEA

I'm not sure of the history behind this Barbados group, but I know there is a similar group over here trying to keep AG flying...

Jordan D
21st Oct 2003, 20:03
The Metroploitan Line derailed at Hammersmith Station and the Northern Line at Camden Town. Not aware of any problems with the Picc. Transport for London - Tubes.

Really, Paxboy, check your facts! the Met does not run to Hammersmith Station. As it was, it was a Piccadilly Line Train at Barons Court that derailed. And it will be fine for the 24th to travel to LHR.

I'm planning on being at EDI on Friday for the departure, but wanted to know where it was being parked and which routing it will use to arrive/leave. Some help with that and the exact timings, as all I've read is mixed.


21st Oct 2003, 20:20
Don't know if it'll be the last one, but GBOAF will be turning up at Filton mid November with a flypast of the Bristol/Bath/Severn area thrown in.:cool:

21st Oct 2003, 21:00
Jordy: "Really, Paxboy, check your facts! the Met does not run to Hammersmith Station. As it was, it was a Piccadilly Line Train at Barons Court that derailed."

Yes, it was the Picc, I had heard the Hammersmith part and not listened to the radio report more closely, my apologies. With regards to the Metropolitan line at Hammersmith ...

I must be showing my age. It was always part of the Metro line, including the main line to Amersham. Some years ago, they started to call it the Hammersmith & City line, probably some fabulous piece of management blah. However, if you look on an old map of the system, I think that this line (terminating at Hammersmith) will be shown as Metropolitan. I'm sure that a bright and snappy young thing like yourself [cf. your profile] will forgive an old buffer for recalling his own headstrong days of youth.

21st Oct 2003, 21:09
So that leaves G-BOAA and BOAB. I presume that these are the two that weren't modified to current specifications, and as such will not fly again. So what happens to them, personally I think it would be a travesty if one was not preserved at LHR.

22nd Oct 2003, 01:22


22nd Oct 2003, 01:30
Why was BA002 JFK-LHR cancelled this morning...?

22nd Oct 2003, 01:46
Because Concorde didn't goto JFK yesterday?

She is touring the UK this week and according to other threads the service to New York was reduced for the week when the retirement was planned.

22nd Oct 2003, 03:33
Checking the taf for Manchester tomorrow, looks like a light easterly flow, does that mean that Concorde will be offered a tailwind landing on 24R like us subsonic mortals, or will they be given the option of landing on 06, if so what will be the most likely runway, left or right, anybody out there know what the plan is? What is the ETA, heard 1145L, is that about right?

22nd Oct 2003, 04:19
"May soon be available" sounds rather dubious.

Colonel Klink
22nd Oct 2003, 04:24
No, it is not. Apparently it is being packed up in Bristol/Filton right now for transport to Cranebank for use by the public, up and running 8 weeks or so...................!!

22nd Oct 2003, 04:33
Judging by the page style and domain registration, the proposal is from a company* with experience of the sale of simulator time to the public. If the price is the same as their other offerings then expect to be paying £249 for 20 minutes playtime and 40 minutes watching while 2 others play.


* not named here as I fear it may break the advertising rules.

cessna l plate
22nd Oct 2003, 04:34
I heard the same time as well. Looking at traffic direction over my house, I would say 06R would be the one, based on the current weather.

Would be nice to get near the old bird, but Manchester being what they are, I am told that it will be parked on taxiway Bravo all day, so that us mere mortal apron employees cannot get near it.
Should give the anoraks, sorry, aviation enthusiasts, a good view from the viewing park though.

22nd Oct 2003, 04:56
Preferential Runway.
When the "Tailwind Component" on Runway 24R is 5kts or less then 24R is the "Preferred" Runway is 24R. If "More", then 06 will be in use.
Me, I'm on a day off:ok:
we aim to please, it keeps the cleaners happy

22nd Oct 2003, 06:19
There was no BA1 yesterday (Monday) and therefore no BA2 today (Tuesday). Tonight's BA1 was the penultimate flight to JFK. There will again be no BA1 tomorrow (Wednesday) and no BA2 on Thursday. Thursday evening has the last BA1, which comes back as one of the blessed trio on Friday.

22nd Oct 2003, 08:28
Wish I would of knowed about cancelation of this morning's JFK outbound ahead of time. Then I wouldn't have gone down to Beach 67th Street in Far Rockaway, bay waterside amongst crabs and sea gulls, to watch anticipated departure from 22R.

No gotcha's expected tomorrow morning Oct-22 Wednesday, right? I know it's at JFK overnight because I and friend Craig saw it arriving this evening! But foxed us: we stationed amongst reeds directly under 22L where *all* other A/C were landing, then Concorde came in on 22R.

Thanks for heads-up that JFK arrival Oct-22 evening and departure Oct-23 morning are canceled.

Anyone heard the rumor about a Speedbird arrival inbound to JFK *Friday evening*?

22nd Oct 2003, 08:38
Is it not that Concorde uses 09L/27R all the time because it is longer than 09R/27L, and it needs as much tarmac as possible..(no flaps/slats). Forecast for next few days is for easterlies to continue, so my money is on 09L for departure/take- off.

Be warned, however, with those easterlies come cold winds, so if you plan to view this memorable event ' in the flesh', ensure it's covered up! :ok:

22nd Oct 2003, 15:57
Yesterday (Tuesday) evening, arrivals were on 27L and departures on 27R.

The Tour of Britain inbound from BFS failed to turn up at the scheduled time - 20 minutes after scheduled arrival time someone got a phone message saying that she had been delayed by about an hour and a half.

I hoofed it round to the visitor's centre (needed the brisk walk to warm up) and watched a spectacular night takeoff - my first and possibly last.

The grandstand that has been set up there is pitiful. It's only got about 6 or 7 rows of seats, and has been strategically placed directly in front of a row of trees which interferes with the view of the eastern end of 27R. For those who are lucky enough to get seats in it, I hope that Concorde will be still be at a sufficiently decent height (if landing on 27R) to be seen clearly. It looked pretty hopeless for watching the takeoff - I returned to the fence and sat on the ground.

22nd Oct 2003, 16:15
are you saying the seasts for the VIPs have been erected for a 27R landing ?
It his is right and they will have 1000 lucky VIPs sitting there, they will land Concorde on 27R what ever the weather, unless of course tail-winds prevent it... in which case they will all be bussed round rather quickly to 9L/9R

anyone remind me the tower frequency for arrivals?

cheers, spitty

22nd Oct 2003, 17:24
in which case they will all be bussed round rather quickly to 9L/9R

I can see it now. Where’s that bloody bus!?

It’s covered chief, number two in the Central Area, should be with you in the next two hours

I shall miss it all I’m afraid. But seeing her one last time won’t make up for the tragedy of it all. Soon there’ll be no reason to come to Heathrow. Passengers will simply go some place else to connect onwards. The one big advantage that BA could offer the transatlantic customer travelling to Heathrow will be gone forever. Now we’ll just compete on an equal basis with FRA, CDG, AMS. It’s all very depressing.

We seem to have sold our souls in this day and age, maybe we’ll never see her like again.
Can you imagine how the other great achievements of mankind might be approached today?

Sorry Sig. Leonardo, but painting the Sistine Chapel ceiling in one coat of magnolia is a cost effective solution to the facilities maintenance programme.

Thank you for your interest Mr Wren, but we think that the Inner City Inclusive Communities Centre should be of a small unobtrusive and environmentally sensitive construction, and certainly not associated with a christianocentric heterosexual stereotype such as St Paul.

Well Mr Brunel, I really don’t think this is much of a proposition. Where’s the Public Private Partnership involvement? The there are the maintenance contracts to think of. And this bridge, wouldn’t a simple concrete construction be cheaper?


22nd Oct 2003, 17:38
Just like to say, with 28 years flying under my belt from C152's to my current type - B777's that I was lucky enough to get tickets on G-BOAC LHR to JFK last month. It was without doubt the most memorable flight of my life. I can't imagine how disappointed the pax on the two recently cancelled BA1's must be feeling, to have missed out on travelling on Concorde, and experiencing a little bit of unique aviation history. Thank you BA and crew for giving me such a fabulous flying experience.

22nd Oct 2003, 17:55
with opinions from the british people running so high, why has the national flag carrier sent the majority of its planes to foreign parts...

London Heathrow was infamous with concorde, WHY has at least one been retained at the airport as a preserved museum piece, could have even been parked at BA HQ!

its so sad :{ :{ :{ , perhaps BA shareholder should have been questioned on the final destination..

Had it been a Virgin Concorde being retired, I am sure Sir Richard would have gone out of his way to preserve it in the UK at LHR is possible and ensure all those who never got to climb aboard.. got the chance to!

see you all friday 27 R :ok: :ok: :ok:

AND another gripe, when other airport authorities go out of their way to make sure people get to see concorde, are BAA LHR putting up anti-viewing nets in various spots along the perimeter fence !!.. come on !!!!!! if David Beckham was flying in the world and his damn wife would be "invited" to the airport

Sick Squid
22nd Oct 2003, 18:12
Heard a rumour on the crew bus recently about one going on the roof of Terminal 5. Nice idea, actually, hope it's not too late....

22nd Oct 2003, 20:23
The LHR T5 Concorde rumour has been around for a while.
It is questionable whether AA or AB will go there or if it will be the model currently at the CTA Tunnel. I had heard "a Concorde" would be placed inside the T5 building itself.

Reference to the placards and anti- spotting nets, they are doing their best to shift everyone off of BAA property and onto side roads & public roads. Its gonna be chaos on Friday.

Loads of Electronic LED & Dot Matrix signs all around LHR & surrounding motorways telling people to "expect LONG delays" and "stay away". Remember folks, Eastchurch Road closed Friday afternoon.

Currently on westerlies again today as "normal". Hard to determine if the winds swing onto easterly by Friday.

22nd Oct 2003, 20:38
Friday's wind direction

Westerly, swinging around to the North, if these are to be believed...

Friday 12:00(Z) wind forecast (http://imkpc3.physik.uni-karlsruhe.de/wz/pics/Rtavn549.gif)

Friday 18:00(Z) wind forecast (http://imkpc3.physik.uni-karlsruhe.de/wz/pics/Rtavn609.gif)

22nd Oct 2003, 20:43
As I understand it the 5 flyable a/c have been allocated. However according to today's Edinburh Evening News at http://www.edinburghnews.com/edinburgh.cfm?id=1166292003 the Museum of Flight at East Fortune nr Edinburgh is still waiting to hear if it is getting one and a BA spokesman is quoted as saying"We will be making an announcement on where the Concordes will be going in the next few days" .

Is the allocation of the 5 flyanble a/c definite as I cant find anything about it on the BA website. Alternatively are they taliking about the two non flyers or have they been allocated as well and somebody is getting their hopes up unnecessarily?


Mark Lewis
22nd Oct 2003, 21:13
AA will go to T5 and AB will go to East Fortune (Or possibly possibly Brooklands). As such this is NOT very reliable, just the most reliable I have heard :}

22nd Oct 2003, 21:38
Just to prove that Ppruners get right to the thick of action, I was at MAN today when 'AG arrived for it's final passenger flight. When I say "there" I don't mean looking over the fence - no, I was hanging out of the "follow me" car (brand new Mitsubishi Shogun) weilding a video camera. If the footage can be downloaded I will try to post it here later.

It was an unbelievable sight being chased along the taxyway by Concorde and quite a privilege.........

PS Thanks to MAN airport for the kind invite.

23rd Oct 2003, 01:06
I wish I'd been in the LHR tower to see the parallel arrival this evening. Good work to all involved :ok:

23rd Oct 2003, 01:52
I thought I was the ultimate Concorde anorak paying £220 for LBA - LHR return on Friday and (thanks to an earlier post) £120 for a nice lunch and roof-top view at the Marriott. But it strikes me I might be a nobody compared with some. So where are you coming from to shed a tear or two?

23rd Oct 2003, 02:33
What is the schedule for it tomorrow(thurs23)? I am going to be in London from about 1400. I am wondering if it will be worth it going over to Heathrow to see it coming in but don't have times etc.

23rd Oct 2003, 03:14
Why do Concorde operations really have to be terminated anway?. After 25 plus years, surely she is still the only aircraft that can literally stop the world. Everbody stops to watch Concorde anywhere in the world, as appeared to happen to-day at EGCC.
Mind you if Sir Richard had been able to get his hands on a couple of aircraft, we would be able to gaze at Concorde for some time yet!!!

23rd Oct 2003, 04:09
Latest info I've heard regarding where all Concs are destined as follows:

Barbados (to be used as training rig!!)
New York (to be placed onto an aircraft carrier!! - don't know how true this is?)
One left in service

1 fuselage to Scotland in museum - will take it 3 months to be transported by boat.

I'm sure the official announcement will clear all this up in due course.


Ah.. also heard that Oxfam may have claimed the last a/c!

23rd Oct 2003, 04:20
Last time I looked on Ebay- there were 1401 items up for bid including, seats, instruments (EGT & N1) a couple of test rigs, lots of stuff signed by Brian Trubshaw, tons of what seem to be the inflight giveaways and the domain name - Concordeforever.com for GBP 15,000.

23rd Oct 2003, 04:34
Congratulations to all involved in the show tonight that will never be repeated (Unless it was a rehearsal for Friday :O :O :O )

I have been feeing downhearted all week at never seeing Concorde fly again after this Friday, but tonight's spectacle of a parallel approach to Heathrow has cheered me up!

It was truly a sight to behold as I was close to the entrance plaza to the T5 site as those magnificent flying machines approached.

The sound of 8 Olympus (Olympi?) engines in reverse after touchdown left no doubt as to what had arrived. I am only sorry I didn't have the camera with me :{ :{ :{

Is there going to be a repeat on Friday (And was this the only way to practise a parallel approach ???)



bagpuss lives
23rd Oct 2003, 04:35
After seeing Concorde gracefully land at EGCC today I was lucky enough to get a sneaky peek around her on Bravo before she roared off (a very very impressive departure indeed - as always) at 1615ish.

Such a sad yet glorious sight and sound - I still can't believe we won't be seeing it every so often up at Manch.

Let's hope though that the rumours are true and that 'AC will so be in residence in a shiny new, purpose built hangar (as is the current plan).

We were wondering today - are BA to keep one of the beasts in airworthy condition for displays, Royal Flypasts etc etc? I dearly hope so.

Captain Windsock
23rd Oct 2003, 05:14
This eveing was no practice. It was the real thing. Fridays will be another spectacular but beleived to be line astern.

Red Spitfire Driver
23rd Oct 2003, 05:51
Right everyone.

Here is the official timings etc for Friday.

Three successive Concorde approaches will be made;
1st aircraft ex Edinburgh, supersonic over North Sea, inbound via LAM, touchdown 1450Z.
2nd aircraft ex Heathrow, supersonic over Bay of Biscay, inbound via OCK, touchdown 1452Z.
3rd aircraft BAW002, ex Kennedy, via OCK, touchdown 1454Z.

Aircraft 1 & 2 are scheduled to arrive at the stacks about 15minutes early (with 40 minutes holding fuel). They will await arrival of No3.

The timings are important for the BBC to carry the event live.

All arrivals will be on the northerly runway - best camera positions for the BBC.

The BBC and press will also have helicopters for pictures/filming.

After arrival two of the aircraft will conduct a 'tour' of the manoeuvring area.

If BAW002 is delayed in excess of one hour - then the two 'domestic' flights will operate using the times above. BAW002 will be a 'normal' arrival.

If either of the 'domestic' flights is late it will be rescheduled to arrive at least one hour after the others.

Hope this helps all you photographers, and Concorde freaks.


No comment
23rd Oct 2003, 05:59
So 2 of the birds via OCK, does that mean that us south londoners will get two in 2 minutes if they're on 27R?

Red Spitfire Driver
23rd Oct 2003, 06:09

It all depends upon those nice chaps in approach, they might (as this evening), decide to take one from the south and put it through the overhead and then make an approach from the 'northside'.
You will have to listen to an airband radio and see what ****** Watch decide to do.


23rd Oct 2003, 06:16
RSD, can you confirm that the ex-Heathrow bird is departing at 1325Z?

23rd Oct 2003, 14:56
It's a bit OTT that the anorak brigade are going to clog up the roads for one last 'enthusiastic' look at something the majority have nothing to do with. It's just an airplane and it'll be on the telly, better to stay away and leave access open to LHR for those who need it. Pretend you were there even though you weren't and it'll be as though you were.

23rd Oct 2003, 15:13
XL5 - you say WHY I say WHY NOT

People like doing the unusual, televisions are on everynight and it is not everynight the last concorde service lands at LHR, so people want to be part of it, nothing wrong with that

aside from the extra congestion that will be in the area, it will have an econmic benefit too. thousands of extra people mean, more car parking payments, more public transport fayres, shops and restaurants and pubs in the vacinity will be alot busy than usual.

Chill out, watch it on tv if you want, do not attack people for doing what they like doing, even if YOU think it is sad or not


23rd Oct 2003, 15:30
XL5 have you never HEARD Concorde?

There is no other sound like it. If you had read the rest of this and other threads you would have noticed that the sound of the engines is something that is mentioned again and again.

Yes, I could just watch it on tv (I will be recording it) but this is my last chance to actually FEEL the sound of Concorde. :{ :{

I'll be there Friday, I'll try not to clog up the roads.


23rd Oct 2003, 15:43
Interesting to see how many will turn up tomorrow afternoon. I went down to the Solar Eclipse)in Cornwall 4 years ago. In spite of the press working everyone up into a frenzy about gridlocked roads/ full hotels and campsites/ no water or food etc etc. The crowds were conspicuous by their absence.

23rd Oct 2003, 16:31
Last EVER scheduled BA001 LHR-JFK due out tonight 1846LT.
Last chance to watch those afterburners light up the night sky.

Your never ever going to experience the exhileration of Concorde over a TV screen, arriving or departing - there is nothing quite like it when you are there for real. It is not "just an aeroplane" it hacks me off when people adopt this attitude and "whats all the fuss, its only..." This is the last chance folks before its gone for good.

Last nights' show of 2x parallel arrivals was great, the one coming out of the stack and flying high over the west of LHR in northerly direction with approach lights ablaze was wonderful.
That sound cannot be matched elsewhere...
I orchestrate an earlier comment on hear about the sound of 8x lots of reverse thrust at once on 09L then 09R respectively was magical. GOOD SHOW!

23rd Oct 2003, 17:28
I remember being grateful to have seen a DH Mosquito displaying. The once heard, never forgotten sound of twin Merlins will live with me for a long time and I pity those who have never heard it.
Friday will be a similar scenario.


That's why! I don't understand your attitude, XL5

Red Spitfire Driver
23rd Oct 2003, 18:56

Departures on Friday.

BAW9020C dep EGLL 0905Z, arr Edinburgh 1045Z.
BAW9021C dep Edinburg 1320Z.

BAW9022C dep EGLL 1320Z.

Cheers RSD


Concorde is an aeroplane, please keep to the Queen's English.

Thank you.

23rd Oct 2003, 19:11
It will be a truely sad day to see the old bird put to rest tommorrow but inevitable.

Does anyone know what runway the flight tonight (1840ish local) departs from?

23rd Oct 2003, 19:15
Tricky question.
We are on easterlies currently which means 09R. However, there is a chance it could go off 09L which would be unusual but aim towards 09R, get yourself doen towards the Hatton X area by bus or tube.
Winds seem like they will be easterly for next couple of days.

Pot Noodle
23rd Oct 2003, 19:30
Any chance that tonights Easterly departure of the old bird could be extended easterley over London and the City? (To say thanks to Parliament who after all, Kept the Concorde project going in the first place). I'm sure the millions of city dwellers would relish the opportunity. Forget noise abatement! after all, It won't happen again mister.:ok:

23rd Oct 2003, 19:38
Massive respect to the sentiment PN, but it's a little more than a noise abatement issue with that!

Pot Noodle
23rd Oct 2003, 19:51
..."Thames Radar, this is Speedbird XXX"

Jericho, perhaps your right:E

Jordan D
23rd Oct 2003, 19:58
Can someone tell me what arrival via OCK and LAM mean .... cheers ....

1420local out of EDI, I'll be there .... who else will be?


23rd Oct 2003, 20:19
P.N. : Everybody wants to get in on the act!!! ;)

Jordan : Not sure of your question. Arrivals via Heathrow are usualy via one of the 4 holds (LAMbourne, BoviNgdoN, OCKham and BIGgin), hence the arrival is referred to as such! IS that what you were after?

Jordan D
23rd Oct 2003, 23:28
Thanks Jerricho, exact answer to my question.

Is Brookmans Park used as a departure beacon?


Gerald Bostock
24th Oct 2003, 00:30
Can't believe it !

Managed to get a JFK - LHR flight in September.:ok:
Now today 2 tickets for the LHR grandstand have arrived in the post.:ok: :ok:

Trouble is I KNOW the luck is going to balance out somewhere else :(

24th Oct 2003, 01:02
Check out this link to see the radar pictures of Concordes parallel approach.

Click here (http://www.xwatch.co.uk/)

24th Oct 2003, 01:50
Slightly off topic. Can any of you LTCC chaps tell me whether or not Angela Newman (Based in room N401) has retired?


Jordan D
24th Oct 2003, 02:18
Photos looked wonderful, just watching live feed of the take off from BBC Online.


24th Oct 2003, 02:36

As we all knew at the beginning of October: after this month it will no longer be possible to purchase a passenger ticket for transoceanic supersonic flight. :{

Except of course, beginning at some future date, payable in yuan! :D

24th Oct 2003, 04:03
ETOPS - quality pictures of the radar trace parallel approaches!

I'm quite annoyed that I'm one of the many who are working and won't be able to get to LHR to see the landings. However, I'll be looking out to the east to OCK for them - can someone tell the crew to leave the afterburners ignited over OCK so we can tell which ones they are?! Not like you've got Monday at work to worry about...

Also, ETOPS, can we all come to Kathy Nuttall's drinks next time...? :D

Behind the Curtain
24th Oct 2003, 04:14
Thanks to BRISTOLRE's advice, I went home via Hatton Cross today to see the last JFK departure. Got a fantastic view from the car park next to the underground.

I had never seen Concorde take off before, and to see it leave for the last time, at night, with quite a big crowd cheering their heads off all around - well, it was an amazing :eek: sight and it's just as well that I'm typing this as I'm still speechless.

Maybe it was the cold, but I had a tear in my eye at the end. Given that I'm rambling like an old luvvie here it was probably the emotion of it all darling! :{

Cornish Jack
24th Oct 2003, 04:20
23rd October 2003 1924 hrs.........
The beginning of the roar; the rush to the front door; beautiful evening sky, almost to night but with a marvellous light blue cast; the roar deepens, increases, the windows rattle and there she is .... blasting the night sky and staying low, East to West and disappearing from view behind the trees, the unique sound footprint slowly fading for the last time. :( :( :( :{ :{ :{

24th Oct 2003, 04:34
By this time tomorrow night, Britains standing in the world will have dropped a few more rungs down the ladder. Such a great aircraft deserved a better send off then a poxy little grandstand for a few hundred people. BA and BAA hang your heads in shame.

RIP Concorde.

24th Oct 2003, 04:40
Tomorrow is going to be a sad day for all Concorde fans and I am still undecided about trying to make LHR - probably the BBC will have a terrific show on BBC2. I have been lucky in the past in that I have frequently seen Concorde overhead as she turned through base onto approach near(ish) to BIGgin ... and I would love to see her (?them) one last time. So .. does anyone know when the aircraft will leave LHR for their final destinations. For me, that final departure of each will be the end ... the going with no return ..

Anyone any info please? :ok:

If the weather is chill tomorrow then I am more likely to be raising a glass of fizz in the warm than battling with crowds, all of whom will be pushing/jostling and getting way fed up with each other!

If any ATCer is reading, can't we have one aircraft via BIG please? :E drat where is Heathrow Director (retd) when you need him! :E

24th Oct 2003, 05:01
red Spitfire has the times for Friday as
BAW9020C dep EGLL 0905Z, arr Edinburgh 1045Z.
BAW9021C dep Edinburg 1320Z.

I copied and pasted
LHR Dept 10:05 for 11:45 arrival in Edinburgh.
from th BA web site last week. Now I cant find it
Can anyone confirm the corect time.

Cancel the above i just noticed the Zulu time:O :O :O :O

24th Oct 2003, 05:11
Thanks to Red Spitfire Driver - very helpful info. It would also be helpful to those of us considering the risky journey to somewhere near EGLL under the final approach if someone could post on Friday whether the approaches will actually be East or West.

Cheers :{ :{

24th Oct 2003, 05:26
Couple of news reports on Canadian TV. Everyone in the world is sad about this.


Shame on BA for not even making all the final flights details easily available so at least people can look out their window when it goes over one last time.

24th Oct 2003, 05:45
Heathrow TAF

EGLL 231625Z 240018 33008KT 9999 FEW025 BECMG 0104 6000 TEMPO 0509 3000 BR BECMG 1012 9999

Looks good for westerlies

Jordan D
24th Oct 2003, 06:32
matspart - can you translate that into English for those who can't read that string.


24th Oct 2003, 06:47
0000-1800 GMT wind 330/08kts Vis 10km + Few cloud @ 2500ft becoming 0100-0400 vis 6000m temporarily 0500-0900 3000m in mist becoming 1000-1200 crap gone

24th Oct 2003, 06:53
EGLL 27' W 5129' N Elevation: 79 feet
Updated At : 23:20:00 GMT Standard Time
Temp: 3 C / 37 F
Humidity: 93 %
Clouds: Sky clear
Visibility: Unlimited
Wind: 7 knots from 350 ( N )
Windchill: -7 C / 19 F
Dew point: 2 C / 36 F
Pressure: 1023 hPa
Sunrise: 7:27 , Sunset: 18:01
METAR: EGLL 232220Z 35007KT CAVOK 03/02 Q1023 NOSIG

Forecast for: EGLL
Valid From: / 10 / 2003 ( :00) to the 24 th ( :00)
Overnight Fair with mist with winds from the N at 8 mph.
Morning Fair with mist with winds from the N at 8 mph.
Afternoon Fair with winds from the N at 8 mph.
Evening Fair with winds from the N at 8 mph.
TAF: EGLL 232220Z 35007KT CAVOK 03/02 Q1023 NOSIG

If the wind is from the North, will LHR be on Easterlies or Westerlies :confused: :confused: :confused:

invalid entries
24th Oct 2003, 12:42
If the wind is fromthe North or very light (<5 kts) Easterly, then they use westerlies

24th Oct 2003, 14:54
Taken from thi mornings the BAA Heathrow flight arrival/departures website.

BA9020C Depart 1005(L) Edinburgh
BA9022C Depart 1405(L)

BA002 i/b JFK eta 1555(L)
BA9021C i/b Edinburgh eta 1555(L)
BA9022C i/b supersonic from somewhere !!eta 1550(L)

Hope this helps...........enjoy the experience:{

24th Oct 2003, 15:20
For the final flight into Heathrow this afternoon, what a feeling for the pilot!!! All these people turning up to watch them land the worlds most famous aircraft for the last time ......... go around mate, go on ...... get another 20 mins out of her and give us all a second look!!!!! ;)


24th Oct 2003, 15:37
Mr Eddington looked uncomfortable, and far from convincing on BBC Breakfast as he tried to answer the question Why?

He acknowledged the aircraft’s position as a flagship of the company, and a totally unique niche market that no-one else can offer. Yet incongruously, he then says it’s being grounded for commercial reasons, and that Airbus have said no more type certificate for commercial reasons.

What the BBC failed to ask him was why BA had spent £100m refurbishing the aircraft to close it down after just one year back in the skies. It doesn’t add up, it doesn’t make sense.

The only clear explanation came from Mr Branson in the News. ‘Concorde is being grounded because some accountant in BA says it is..

A very sad, pointless, soulless, black day for British aviation.

No comment
24th Oct 2003, 15:45
Managed to find a place in Poyle to watch the arrival, very sad as the pilot flashed the lights on finals (although cant imagine it being as spectacular as the parallel approach on Wednesday night!). Its still amazing after all these years.
Then it was the quick dash to Hatton Cross!
The lengths everyone went to to get a good view. The footbridge by the station was jam packed, the car park overflowed onto the A30, the perimeter road stopped (did that National Express coach come back for another look, I think it did..) we got moved on from waiting in BP (along with a lot of others).
There must have been hundreds of cars there and all for what can only be described as the most spectacular takeoff i've ever seen.

Does anyone have a transcript of the pilot's final words? After the sentiments of the tower he just sat on the runway with the r/t on and dedicated the flight followed by a very calm "3.....2....1.... " and then she was off!

24th Oct 2003, 15:54
The only clear explanation came from Mr Branson in the News. ‘Concorde is being grounded because some accountant in BA says it is..


You work for BA, go and see Mike Bannister and ask him. You will learn some facts that are incontrovertible. Far more than the uninformed speculation and rubbish that has been spouted here since the announcement of the retirement.

24th Oct 2003, 16:11
"You work for BA, go and see Mike Bannister and ask him. You will learn some facts that are incontrovertible."

OK - Give us the Porky Pies then:E

Skippy did indeed look very shifty on TV this morning. "It was the accountants who closed it down" was the statement on BBC News 24.


24th Oct 2003, 16:22
anyone see Richard Branson on Newsnight?He said he wants to keep the bird in Bristol IN BA COLOURS and not even pack her with passengers, just keep her flying!

I have no idea why BA will not sell her, after all the govenment brought the aircraft for BA in the first place!

They are scared that Virgin might make any sort of profit out of her and if they say that its to expensive to run let Branson buy them and let him lose money surely that is a good thing for BA anyway to have their competitors lose money! BA Could'nt run a p*** up in a brewery, they spent 100m on concorde a year ago only to get rid of them now! crazy.....

Just another example of this country losing its pride.

Anyone know whats happening to the Air France Birds?Are they still flying?

24th Oct 2003, 16:42
From AP today.

"The man at the controls of Friday's flight was expected to be Capt. Michael Bannister, British Airways' chief Concorde pilot, who estimated he has logged 8,000 hours and about 8 million miles — the equivalent of 16 round trips to the moon — since he began flying the supersonic jets in 1997."


On Odd Reddington.

He ruined Industrial relations at CX
He turned the lights out at Ansett.

Look out below!

24th Oct 2003, 16:58
I am sad that Concorde is no more. I am sad that the real reason for closing her down is not known. I am sad that efforts to keep her alive is not welcomed. Sad, sad, sad, sad, sad, sad, sad, sad, sad, sad, sad, sad, sad, sad, sad.........................

I am glad that I've seen her take off twice, land once. I am glad I have reason to visit Yeovil occasionally and see her mummified version.

Thank You Britain/France, do it again sometime.

24th Oct 2003, 16:58
Yes, there is a downloadable transcript of a sad final BA001 departure from LHR last night, and how impressive that was at 1920local.
Very nice how they managed to keep the afterburners going onright round until on heading of 275degrees!! Well done.

Double parking on the A30 !! that was fun.
Police, powerless and lots of disobedience.

Today aircraft departing on Westerlies but keep your eyes out incase a sudden change, the wind out from the NW this am.

The general website is www.concordesst.com with links from a discussion page to the transcript.

Jordan D
24th Oct 2003, 17:00
I will be off to EDI shortly (after my morning lecture), but I need to know what the direction of landing/take off will be so I can position myself accordingly.



24th Oct 2003, 17:05

What freq will Concordes be on prior to 120.4. Will it be 119.72?


24th Oct 2003, 17:23

24th Oct 2003, 17:28
After today, the British lion will roar no more......

24th Oct 2003, 17:28
Typing this in my office in Fulham directly under the ILS approach for 27 Right (the current landing runway).

Presumably (unless the wind changes direction) the final approach of the Concorde(s) will be on 27Left (due to the usual runway change at 1500) or (we hope!) Jerrico and team will be able to guide them in on both 27L/27R - you'll certainly have the BIGGEST crowd ever thanking you guys:-)

What is the ETA for landing at Heathrow this afternoon? Is it 1600 (local)?

PS: I will also be most upset at the departure of this fantastic aircraft. It inspired me as a schoolboy in the mid 70's to take to the sky as a PPL. Another knife in British Airways heart.

24th Oct 2003, 17:38
Just a note to wish everyone involved today all the best. My father was on the first fare paying flight back in '76.

As a true Rolls Royce, I think Mr Royce's comments are a fine epitaph:

"The quality will be remembered long after the price is forgotten"



24th Oct 2003, 18:01
I guess it was only right and fair that the wx should be kind to the three beauties today.

2003/10/24 09:02

EGLL 240902Z 241019 31008KT 9999 SCT030]

I am going to miss that aeroplane! :{ :{ :{

24th Oct 2003, 18:05
Current plan is that all three will land 27R 15:40-15:45.

24th Oct 2003, 18:28
What will be the status of the Concorde to be based at Filton? Once she is there who will own her and at what point will BA have no further say in what happens to her? Surely.. as with the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight there could be a Concorde charity/trust, with sponsorship from all interested parties (including Virgin! and no I don't mind what colours our pointy bird is painted in! if it means she stays flying). What kind of certification would be required to maintain her as an historical aircraft? To the extent that Airbus Industrie must have a shed-load of spares (after all they only recently stopped production according to BA) and the blueprints, then ... what use will they be after the last flight "home" so couldn't they be donated to the charity/trust?

Can someone please tell me why it cannot be possible to maintain one flying Concorde? after all, think of all the engineers and pilots who have zillions of hours of expertise on type that will go to waste ....


P.S. anyone with access to BBC News 24 switch it on as it is running a series of updates throughout their show today - at the moment they are at New York - last flight on AG includes Joan Collins and Jeremy Clarkson as pax ...

24th Oct 2003, 18:29
For those in London who can't get along to EGLL for the landing (me included) Putney Bridge in SW6 is an excellent place to watch landings onto both 27 Left and Right as there is a clear view down the River Thames eastwards.

That's assuming the wind doesn't swing round later!

24th Oct 2003, 18:34
Porky was quite emotional at the NY briefing. Marshall as cold and calculating as ever...even plugged John (Juan?) King. I can never forgive those 2 for the Dirty Tricks era, nor will I fly ba until they're no longer part of the company.

Good line from Jeremy Clarkson to some Spam journo:

Spam: "What emotion will you feel when you get off at Heathrow"

JC: "Well, I think I'll borrow one from one of you lot. One small step for a man, one giant leap backwards for mankind"

Le mot juste :ok: Nicely put, JC!

Postman Plod
24th Oct 2003, 18:38
27??? NOOOOO!!!! What happened to the Easterlies! I'd quite happily assumed Windsor Great Park would be fine! curses, foiled again.... BBC2 it is then. :(

Coming home from work last night, and Windsor Castle was lit up like a bright thing, however listening from Slough to Concorde taking off to the East, did she ever go over the castle?? I did hear another roar about 5 mins later, but wasn't sure what it was :confused:

24th Oct 2003, 19:05
The TSR2 turning in its grave

24th Oct 2003, 19:05
Watching Sky News:

A beautiful landing at Edinburgh at Midday followed by a figure of 8 & backtrack.


BA002 pushed back at JFK. Stars & Stripes and Union flag out of the cockpit windows.

24th Oct 2003, 19:13
Nice one, Kolibear

24th Oct 2003, 19:29
Latest EGLL TAF:-
LONDON/HEATHROW EGLL 24/10-19Z 31008KT 9999 SCT030

that should just tell us which runway (hopefully runwaysssss :ok: )

Who knows, you have the vulcan salvation group, surely there will be similar for an even greater bird, let's hope so.


24th Oct 2003, 19:34
Speedbird 002 is ready for departure RWY 31L at JFK.

: (


A/c departs. beautiful curved departure.

24th Oct 2003, 19:52
In case any of you, like me, are not working today and have the chance to watch TV and/or be online, you may like to track Concorde's progress across the Atlantic via this link Track a Flight (http://www.flytecomm.com/cgi-bin/trackflight) just go to the Advanced option and type in BAW2 as the Flight Number !!

;) :ok:

P.S. don't be put off by the flight time/time remaining - these are standards set for the average transatlantic flight!

24th Oct 2003, 19:57

You star!!

Am working (ish) but will keep my eye on the progress of concorde on this site.

24th Oct 2003, 19:57
BBC Online (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/3211053.stm) currently reporting:

Planes from New York, Edinburgh and one that has completed a loop over the Atlantic arrive in Heathrow 1600 BST

Lucky ******s! I hope no-one spilt their champagne whilst inverted...


24th Oct 2003, 20:20
May I suggest that all those (probably new to PPRuNe) asking why Concorde cannot be kept in the air, either commercially or as an historic flight AND why BA will not sell to VS - that you search the archives. All these have been explained MANY times and need not be answered again.

24th Oct 2003, 20:49
Well, it would be pointless romanticism and a denial of the hard-nosed realities of the market, childishly spotterish and a waste of my valuable time...so, of course, I'm going!

24th Oct 2003, 20:51
PaxBoy I ran several searches of the archives about a Concorde historical trust but didn't find anything so apologies if my post irritated - I thought I was asking something new ...

24th Oct 2003, 20:54
Hey everybody, do you not realise that today is a HUGE PR day for BA??

I will personally be amazed if this is the last we see of Concorde, but nobody would be stupid enough to annouce it prior to all this...

Just look at all the TV coverage it's getting. I've got Sky News on in the office and it's all they're talking about!

Call me a bit cynical, but I think the sadness may just be a bit premature - congrats to the publicity guru behind it all... something is bound to be annouced once the eyes dry up!

However, if I'm wrong, then we're all witnessing the biggest backwards step in the history of modern technology. Let's hope we're all being duped!

24th Oct 2003, 21:23
brockenspectre - I didn't mean you!! Sorry, I know that you are an old hand here!

The debates about historic preservation have been inside the many Concorde threads, so a search on thread subjects would not show.

BA are still holding back an announcement on final destinations of the birds and an historic flight. They say they will make a decision in the next few weeks. They may announce today, impossible to know.

The consensus in Pprune has been that the cost of one machine would be very high and only possible for a year or two, due to training and spares issues.

When programming the video for BBC2 this afternoon. The prog that follows is called "Flog It". I'm sure that the denizens of JetBlast could offer some suggestions as to who and what should be flogged!

(also, could not resist posting directly after PAX-MAN ;)

24th Oct 2003, 21:23
it's not just the "Wooly-Pully" who jumps on any thing for a bit of free publicity........

Just watched the Concorde departure from Edinburgh - how the hell did Squeezy-Jet get one of their 73s in between Concorde and the cameras.

24th Oct 2003, 21:42
So will anyone tell me their frequency prior to 120.4 - I want to know when to leave the office for a ciggie break!

24th Oct 2003, 21:45
119.72 for the 9021C from EDI, 134.97 for the OCK pair, allegedly

24th Oct 2003, 21:52
I'm 4725 miles away, as the crow flies, so I won't get there in time. Full marks to BBC World who are showing a couple of Concorde programs at the moment in the run-up to live coverage of the arrivals.

24th Oct 2003, 22:12
Cheers Cahlibahn

anyone know where BAW2 is right now??

24th Oct 2003, 22:29



Flight Number 2
Departure City (Airport) New York, NY (JFK)
Departure Time 10/24/2003 07:39 AM
Arrival City (Airport) London, England, Great Britain (EGLL)
Arrival Time 10/24/2003 03:40 PM
Remaining Flight Time 01:42
Aircraft Type Concorde
Current Altitude 53,300 feet
Current Groundspeed 1374 mph
Flight Status In Flight

24th Oct 2003, 22:32
You can also try


24th Oct 2003, 22:36
Just past Devon. FL350 M.95

24th Oct 2003, 22:41
AF currently working 134.12 to hold at OCK
AE working 129.42 to hold at LAM

Sheep Guts
24th Oct 2003, 22:47
It is a sad Day today for Aviation in the UK. My best wishes go to all the Concorde Fleet Personel and everyone invovled since its start to its demise today. Most of all the we must thank the Passengers who Travelled on it through out its Career.



Solem Concorde Admirer


Number Cruncher
24th Oct 2003, 22:49
One is making a final orbit at LAM so its looking good for 4pm!

Will have my last look from my West London office!

24th Oct 2003, 22:49
OCK in two minutes then Northabout for right hand circuit.

24th Oct 2003, 22:52
Just annonced on the beeb. 2000 ft (did I hear right ) :) Central London flypast.

24th Oct 2003, 22:59
Nice PA from Speedbird 2 thanking the British public for its support, especially over this last week, just now.

Interesting comment that BA has yet to announce its final verdict on the "keep one for special occasions" .. apparently this will be next week ..


OMG so beautiful .. the birds coming home ... deffo tearing up now - two a/c on screen now ... one home... two more in pic .... they are SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!


DARN we are all average now ... reductio ad "the mundane"

24th Oct 2003, 23:07
All three of them just flew past.

Thanks for the memories old girl.

:( :{

24th Oct 2003, 23:08
Ah Well Thats it.......

24th Oct 2003, 23:11
This may sound a silly question but how are they getting them out of Heathrow?? Truck?

Self Loading Freight
24th Oct 2003, 23:15
In the office here at Tower Bridge... ATC on the radio, BBC2 on the telly, and then "They're coming in over London!". One by one, three Concordes came in to the east, lined up along the Thames and flew past the office at 2000'.

Absolutely beyond words. Entire company cheering from the corner office with the best view, and then back to the projection telly to watch them land.

Tearful? You betcha. But an excellent finale.


(bet there'll be some ribbing over that first landing, though!)

24th Oct 2003, 23:18
Cant help wishing one at least would have done a fly past of LHR.

Faboulous aircraft, fabulous afternoon.

Proud to be a brit.

24th Oct 2003, 23:21
5600nm away from LHR and just watched on TV the three land on 27R. Just PFM-Pure ??##ing Magic:D

24th Oct 2003, 23:22
Too emotional to give too much detail, very sad day.
Final details of all 7 to be announced on Monday so I hear.

1x will have to go out by truck (AA or AB) as these never had the fuel tank mods after the A/F crash. One will be going into T5, can be towed across there! The truck would only have to go as far as Brooklands.

Good coverage by BBC, to much talking though -not enough of the Engine noise, will be sadly missed but thanks BBC.

24th Oct 2003, 23:37
On the roof at Bush House, small crowd, watched them all come in from OCK and LAM, join the approach and disappear to the west, everybody pointing and waving.
Quite emotional really, ah well.



24th Oct 2003, 23:42
Well the 1st one had a little bounce...................the second almost bounced but the best was saved to last as it gracefully touched down.

24th Oct 2003, 23:48
All the ITVV staff watched the live coverage of Concorde’s final landing and all of use were over-come with emotion.

We did however lift a glass of Champagne to celebrate the life and times of this wonderful time machine.

Many thanks to all at British Airways for making it possible for us to make the programme on this fantastic aircraft. David, Les and Roger worked so very hard. Also the press office who had Dennis Fernandes leading the team.

Words cannot express our sadness today.

Regards VHS

24th Oct 2003, 23:49
Poor coverage on Bloomberg - presenters completely lacked even basic knowledge and showed no interest whatsoever.

You think they'd be glad of a change from reeling off lists of numbers!

Bravo Concorde - a true British lady.

24th Oct 2003, 23:50
In case this afternoons program hasn't filled your need for that last Concorde "fix" then you may enjoy the following:

Friday 24 October

1800 and 2100 (1hr) Discovery Wings – The Concorde Era
2000 and 2300 (30m) Discovery Wings – Flight Deck
2000 (1hr) Discovery – Concorde: Anatomy of a Disaster

Saturday 25 October

2000 (1hr) History Channel – Crash Files

Hope the Beeb makes a video of The Final Bow ... still wish the three had managed to make a formation for a fly-past but ... always good to leave folks wanting more eh?


24th Oct 2003, 23:51
BBC coverage...great..Ray Baxter - what a guy. But, then they brought on the D of E, rambling on about his Concorde memories.....Oh my goodness....is he the Queen's consort?... I don't know what she sees in him. An Emperor Baboon springs to mind.

Jordan D
25th Oct 2003, 00:03
Just watched the triple landing on TV. Absolutely wonderful, excellent coverage BBC, congrats all round ... just a shame you had to end so early.

Was at EDI earlier. Easyjet were clever enough to sandwich the Concorde's takeoff. Must have been around 5000+people there, and full marks to BAA/Lothian Police for good organisation, excellent car parking for thousands of vehicles, and good signage for those of us approaching on foot.

Photos from EDI Dept will be up soon.


Pax Vobiscum
25th Oct 2003, 00:08
BBC coverage was excellent (pauses to wipe tear from eye) with reasonably balanced discussion of why the commercial end had to come. Surely though no-one thought the JFK flight would have enough fuel to join in the 45 minute tour of the taxiways? It seemed to take everyone by surprise when the tug appeared!

My nomination for worst journalistic gaffe:
"The shape of Concorde’s nose means that it prefers to land against the wind." - Times Online (http://www.timesonline.co.uk/newspaper/0,,174-866212,00.html)

25th Oct 2003, 00:10
Not a bad send off courtesy of the beeb - some good input from Raymond Baxter and truly magnificent shots of the threesome coming down.

That first landing though.... :ouch: Although I suppose in fairness to land Concorde for the last time in front of the world's media with a million flashbulbs capturing the finesse of your arrival for the history books would give any of us the pucker factor!

25th Oct 2003, 00:12
WOW! watched it live on bbc, what a beautiful aircraft! seen the first 2 come in one behind the other in the same shot looking down the runway. She looked so elegant and graceful! I was absolutley overcome with emotion watching them touch down for the final time :{
The end of an era :sad:

Flying Lawyer
25th Oct 2003, 00:23
What a stroke of luck! No chance of getting to the airport, but came out of court and saw LHR was on Westerlies. Rushed home just in time to see the most magnificent and beautiful aircraft ever built flying over Central London for the last time.

I'll never forget flying in Concorde, and will miss seeing it passing overhead towards LHR. A sad day, and a backward step, but a part of aviation history nonetheless. If supersonic passenger transport ever comes back, it's unlikely to be in my lifetime.

Video: Landing at LHR (http://news.bbc.co.uk/media/video/39489000/rm/_39489183_concorde16_2landings_vi.ram)

GearUp CheerUp
25th Oct 2003, 00:25
Pax Vobiscum;-

Surely though no-one thought the JFK flight would have enough fuel to join in the 45 minute tour of the taxiways?

Why not? It would have landed with at least 30 minutes reserve fuel, enough to taxi around for at least 1 hour.:cool:

25th Oct 2003, 00:27
Excellent coverage by the bbc. Had to laugh though when the first one landed. I got the image of Robert Shaw (I think) in the Battle of Britain on observing the landing of a new recruit...."bumpsy daisy" said he.:D
Still I suppose it could be described as a touch and go.....and touch!!;)

25th Oct 2003, 00:37
Was the ONLY person in my office to sneak up to the roof at 15:50! They have no soul here - and a thoughtless regard for health and safety regulations. Felt desolate afterwards, glad to have pprune here to share it with...

aluminium persuader
25th Oct 2003, 00:58
I had the privilege to fly on her LHR-JKF in the early 90's, and later worked her as an ATCO into Filton, with a little off-airways VFR class G sight-seeing tour up the Severn. Last year I was working her on the join-up and initial part of the Golden Jubilee fly-past. Today I could only watch from afar as I was on duty at ELLX, but got home just in time to see the landings. All 4 of them!

God speed, Old Girl.


Capt Homesick
25th Oct 2003, 01:00
I am sooooooooooooo glad there have never been TV crews around to broadcast some of my landings..... poor blighter, he is never going to hear the end of that!:uhoh:

Man Flex
25th Oct 2003, 01:10
Does anyone out there know who the crews were today?

Aerial Jock
25th Oct 2003, 01:13
On an office-bound day in central London, I snuck off up the ladder to the roof at 1550. Had a quick look round and saw groups of people on every other flat roofed building in the area. Looked behind me and found about half a dozen colleagues had also snuck up our ladder to watch. We watched all three swish by and mine were certainly not the only eyes to be a bit wet up there. Went back down ladder with a deep sigh.:{

Sheep Guts
25th Oct 2003, 01:21
Landing: Two for the price of one. Why not I say especially when it will be their last landing. We all do it fellas, were all humans, well done chaps.

25th Oct 2003, 01:23
Capt Homesick...

One suspects the pilot of AE might have had a tear or two stuff up his aiming point!!

And as for never hearing the end of it, he'll be able to stop any jibes dead with 'Well, mate, at least I was on it, at the sharp end. Where were you??!!'

(or is the front actually the 'blunt end' when a Conc is landing??!!)

25th Oct 2003, 01:36
Fantastic to watch, but so sad. Today the romance left commercial flying forever, at least for me. A salute to all the personnel who flew and supported the finest aeroplane that ever flew. We'll all miss her.


25th Oct 2003, 01:41
Probably everyone's seen these already, but I liked the photos at:

(click on slideshows)

I've seen and heard the Concorde fly overhead, and always thought it was great.

PPRuNe Pop
25th Oct 2003, 01:42
Amen to that Scroggs! I watched from the first instant TV started it's coverage. BBC was perhaps best but I liked Sky too.

Congrats to ATC who did a great job. The landings were entirely normal to my mind. Not ALL mine were good. Can anyone say any different!

Bloody sad day. And I earnestly believe an unnecessary decision for more reasons than one.

25th Oct 2003, 01:56

25th Oct 2003, 01:59
I live in Belgium and while channel hopping a few days ago I found a program that appeared to show a group of people taking apart a Conc. and putting it on a large flatbed truck for road transport.

I just couldn't bear to watch more than a few seconds.... but I got the distinct impression that after unbolting a section cutters were being used to sever any cables that kepts the bits together. Anyone know more about this and where it was going?

25th Oct 2003, 02:08
Actually there were four landings - the first one bounced rather a lot. Was that Mike Bannister by any chance?

25th Oct 2003, 02:09
yachtpilot - Sir Richard Branson!

Certainly not Marshall, King or Skippy. Or 'Stavros', for that matter.

And the 'bounce' was only her way of saying that she wasn't ready to finish just yet - and wanted another take-off at least!

It wasn't Porky, by the way.

Jordan D
25th Oct 2003, 02:13
I think Mike Bannister was flying the BAW0002 from JFK.


25th Oct 2003, 02:32
Well, that's it then. BA is now just another ordinary airline. The halo effect of Concorde faded and died this afternoon. I saw all 3 of them land at LHR ... fantistic, but so sad.

There were the BA bosses, poncing around with their glasses of champagne, smiling, and really believing they were doing us all a great favour. From the VIP areas they didn't see the faces of the ordinary people, some of whom had travelled hundreds of miles out of their love for the machine, and who'd paid for it with their taxes all those years ago.

How do they sleep at night? Rod and the boys managed today to destroy the country's hope in itself and will go down in history as having, with a single blow, alienated and turned the country against BA and at the same time enabled all of its competitors to celebrate.

If they were losing so much money, why didn't they GIVE them to Virgin? At the rate of loss BA claimed, Virgin would have been bust in no time at all! Unless, of course, the losses were all just "spin"?

BA - run by an Australian. How would the Aussies feel if a Brit turned up and destroyed the Sydney Opera House ... Ayres Rock ... the Great Barrier Reef ... and Koala Bears?

Well, I feel better now .... but not much.

"The world is now a bigger place".

25th Oct 2003, 02:55
From BBC News (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/3211601.stm)

"At long last, we'll be rid of this headache," said the congressman who represents the JFK airport area, Anthony Weiner.

Heh heh heh... He said Weiner!!! Well, we all know what that's slang for, don't we. Very apt. Mr Weiner is a right weiner!!!

invalid entries
25th Oct 2003, 03:13
I was a passenger on the !st flight to land at LHR today. What a magical experience it was. It was quite a rough landing though and one or two people screamed!! Didnt realise it bounced until I saw the TV later. A big thanks to Captain Les Brodie and all the crew who made the flight so enjoyable. I miss you already

25th Oct 2003, 03:25
In 50 years time, if there's no successor, I will be able to say to my grandchildren.......

"I was there."

So what if the view was better from BBC2? I will never forget standing in that bush by the threshold of 27R for as long as there's air in my lungs. People from all walks of life, some not even interested in aviation. But they came to pay their last respects.

25th Oct 2003, 03:40
I was there on the northern perimeter today to witness the end of our great aviation heritage.....quite a spectacle as they followed the Lightning,Comet and many other famous British aircraft into history.
Someone asked what we can be proud of now that Concorde is gone.Well, about all that's left is Brunel's wonderful bridges and tunnels!

25th Oct 2003, 03:55
Does anybody know if a transcript, or the actual audio, from the landings today are available on the net?

25th Oct 2003, 04:02
Lament written by Aerospce(Jamie) TAS website

Concorde's last lament

I had no trial or jury,
They grounded me in haste,
I could have kept on flying,
On the ground I'm just a waste,
So when you see me standing,
Imprisoned and not free,
Try to get me back on high,
Or shed a tear for me

Truer words have never been written

coley chaos
25th Oct 2003, 04:23
I remember going to Heathrow with my dad years ago and being shown around by a friend of my dads who was in the airport fire brigade.
We turned up at the Concorde hanger and after a brief talk with someone was invited to go into the cockpit and have my picture taken and a talk on what all of the knobs and levers and dials did!
The aircraft was painted on one side with British Airways or BOAC ( cant remember ) and the other side was painted Air India! It was to do with a sales drive to try and get them to buy a few. Great day out for me as a young lad and one that I`ll never forget.
Only have one photo that survived the years with me in the cockpit in my school parka and way more hair! :)

Douglas Bader
25th Oct 2003, 04:32
Hello chaps, to all those who lambasted me for a Concorde post last week UP YOURS. I hope you're choking on your porridge, the real people are speaking today, some great posts and heart felt comments from people who not only care about Concorde, but great engineering success's. If pprune was around when the Spitfire was retiring I bet the same doubters would be on here saying the same thing. Try them all for Treason with Galloway.
Tally Ho
Chocks Away

25th Oct 2003, 04:33
"British" Airways? Not any more :{


25th Oct 2003, 04:39
Douglas Bader,
One small correction, the Spitfire is still flying, very many of them!

25th Oct 2003, 04:43
Diverted my phone and snuck out on the roof. Such was the emotion I was obliged to beg a ciggie off someone...

Man Flex
25th Oct 2003, 04:45
Great pics! Capture her perfectly in her moment of glory!

25th Oct 2003, 04:49
Thanks DamienB, marvellous "snaps", I'm sure I can speak for many, they're much appreciated in the marking of a very significant day.
Thanks again, much enjoyed (for those wishing to see more of DamienB's work, BHX is particular good - "pop over to nostalgia"..)
PFR :D :ok:

Douglas Bader
25th Oct 2003, 04:58
Point taken old bean, but I did mean active service. You'll be hard pushed to find one that saw active service in WWII, though if you've got £1m spare you could always get one from Historic Flying at Duxford.
Form On Leader

25th Oct 2003, 05:00
Well, my wife shed a few tears on the train coming back from LHR this evening; and I thought I was the spotter!

It just seems so criminal, such a waste. I don't pretend to have a solution, Brokenspectre has suggested a charitable trust to keep at least one flying - surely that would be possible - we can't just let her die like this!

rant mode on
What did BA or BAA think they would achieve putting plastic sheeting around the maintainance hangars? We aren't stupid you know - and those barrier things stacked very well.
rant mode off

I hope I've got some half decent pictures (shot two rolls of 36!) anything good I'll post.

Many thanks to the crews and the ATC this afternoon. I'm going to go and watch the BBC2 coverage and probably shed a few tears of my own.


Concorde RIP

Douglas Bader
25th Oct 2003, 05:14
I've been told in no uncertain terms that it is Airbus Industries was the key factor in the retirement, but does this weigh true? BA spent an absolute fortune on the Kevlar linings and interior refit only months ago, only to be told by a third party that they can't fly it anymore because they want to put their staff on other projects. Something really stinks here.

25th Oct 2003, 05:22
i would just like to say big thanks to all you atc peeps for fantastic job with concorde today.... excellent work!


25th Oct 2003, 05:24
:O I would just like to say..Goodbye XXXXX

25th Oct 2003, 05:26
Indeed an era has passed, but it has passed without any extravagance that would be fitting of such an extravagant aircraft. The so called ceremony was pathetic. At the very least a proper reception with all the concorde staff past and present should have been arranged. Why only 3 aircraft why not all seven? where were the red arrows , the queen etc. ? why no flypast ? That's it three concorde land within a few minutes ,one of them has to split off and they taxi back to no reception other than groundcrew who have taken it upon themselves to stop and pay tribute. The best part of the whole event was when the crew sat outside the windows. I am dissapointed BA, deserves to get a beating !!! They should have just dumped them in the Thames for all that ceremony was , frankly I think that's how they feel. They are too proud to let Branson take them because they know they screwed up !Viva le resistance !! lets take them back ! The public really owns those airplanes and they had no say. I feel sorry for all those involved in the project they received a slap in the face, but thank you for producing such a legendary aircraft and inspiring many to join the aviation fraternity.