View Full Version : how to calculate fuel load

14th Oct 2003, 05:06
could you please tell me how to calculate fuel load and what is taken into account.



14th Oct 2003, 07:27
1. How much do I need to start up and taxi to the runway. (Start/Taxi fuel)

2. How much do I need to take off from A, fly to (think altitude, wind and temp) and land at B. (Trip Fuel) Add 5% for contingencies. (Contingency Fuel)

3. Just in case I can't land at B (for whatever reason), how much do I need to fly to and land at C (chosen because of it's facilities and forecast weather etc), after attempting an approach at A. (Alternate Fuel)

4. In case C is busy, how much do I need to hold for up to 30 minutes, nearby C, in the worst possible scenario (low level, icing etc), before making my approach to land. (Reserve Fuel)

5. Add them all together and that's the minimum fuel you should load for the trip.

6. Then add whatever you like for any other factors you think might be worth considering. (Coward/Experience/Common Sense Fuel)

Sometimes other factors come into play moving the figure up or down but that discussion could go on for days!