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tarjet fixated
18th Apr 2001, 21:19
A meridiana Capt. was suspended by the company yesterday because he refused to take onboard a woman with crutches and who didn't have a medical certificate.
The woman claimed she had travelled for years on different airlines and without any sort of problems, the Capt. said he just followed the regulations.
The woman said she will do anything in her legal power to make that capt. lose his pilot licence.

20th Apr 2001, 14:05
"legal power"...in Italy?

20th Apr 2001, 15:00
La Cosa Nostra Law?


20th Apr 2001, 21:53
If the captain was following regulations, why did management suspend him? I wonder who this woman is?...Chairmans wife maybe?


21st Apr 2001, 15:34

I wish I was as naive as you!

Managements do what they want to do and then get some poor sod lower down to take the flak and sort out the resulting muddle. Then, when the wheel falls off and a settlement is reached on the Court steps, guess what....?

tarjet fixated
22nd Apr 2001, 07:12
True...being it Italy the following will surely happen:
The Capt. will seek Mafia protection in exchange of a little help in smuggling weapons in the cargo hold and bribing custom officers on international routes on their behalf while the Corleonesi will kidnapp the woman's son,cut his ear and send it to her with a message asking her kindly to withdraw from the case blaming her psycological instability as the cause of the incident.
At this point the Capt. will go back to work and will also get a pay rise and a fifth stripe,the Corleonesi will expand their business network and the hairy lady will go back to her kitchen and her 12 kids as every italian woman does.
How boring the world would be without the italians....

22nd Apr 2001, 09:15
Why on earth would they ban crutches? I soppose itīs for security reasons but isnīt this going a little bit far? They must have been cleared through security just as all the hand luggage!

Nothing to see here, just making use of the internet!

22nd Apr 2001, 15:57
It probably wasn't a crutches issue. Perhaps the lady was so incapicated that she would be a hazzard to herself or others in an emergency, or had some other condition which needed a full time nursing attendant.

I have seen it where a family will dump some old geezer on the airline, where the situation should be stopped by the gate agents, but, no, where does the problem end up...?

Without knowing the details of the incident, my ever cynical sympathies lie with the Capt involved.

27th Apr 2001, 23:49
Its simple...if the company boards these pax then you fly them, if they cause a problem divert, the company will then amend the boarding procedures when it has cost them enough, ie in divertions or accidents.
Donot get involved, its not in your terms of employment, just fly the aircraft, if the company want their captains to stick their noses into the medical condition of the pax they will give you a bonded doctors course.
Screw em, the only way to win with modern managers is not to play.

We will do the drill according to the amendments to the amendments I er think?

30th Apr 2001, 21:51
I think someone should nominate PPruNe for it's humour during next humour festival In Dubai.

Smooth Trimmer

30th Apr 2001, 23:56
Tarjet fixated has just posted the most funniest thing ever read by a pilot on this medium.


Pprunes towers :



1st May 2001, 13:09
E. Morse - OK it was mildly amusing but you really need to get out more!

:) :) :)

1st May 2001, 13:43
More amusing than The Economist on Silvio Berlusconi?(Not that the other side is any better).God help Italians!

tarjet fixated
1st May 2001, 15:31
Bill Clinton is now unemployed....italians like him because he's culturally close to us thanks to his sexual habits....we should employ him as our prime minister!!!!
Rumor has it that if mr.Berlusconi wins the elections he will get himself a BBJ.....

1st May 2001, 21:14
....paid for by the friendly italian taxpayer,of course.

1st May 2001, 21:19
....because the Airbus version is to cheap....

Smooth Trimmer

1st May 2001, 21:25
no,so tarjet could fly it(him)...

tarjet fixated
3rd May 2001, 17:44
latest news about the Meridiana Capt.!!!!
He is under investigation and the prosecutors brought up something which happened a few years back, apparently the same capt. delayed a flight by 7 hours because of a cargo door warning light on the ground and asked for a second inspection to be made by Meridiana maintenance after the aircraft was cleared for release by Alitalia maintenance.
The prosecutors say he had done it to support the union's plan to disrupt services during their dispute with the management a couple of years ago.
He of course said he had only done it for safety reasons.....
Now he is also charged with illegal disruption of public services!!!
This thread started as a news as many others, continued as a joke exchange but now the thing is turning nasty.