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10th Oct 2003, 00:03
May i know the airfoil data of boeing 757-200 and the wing twist of it?
need help from experts but none replying my mails..=(:ugh:

11th Oct 2003, 01:33
Now why would you need something like that ????

11th Oct 2003, 01:42
Ummm I don't know really, but I think it is not as twisted as the Airbus

Golden Rivet
11th Oct 2003, 02:14
here's a start

Root Chord (calculated, at body centerline) -- 360.85 inches
Basic Chord (calculated) -- 286.50 inches
Tip Chord (calculated) -- 68.00 inches
Planform Taper Ratio
Tip Chord/Basic Chord -- 0.237
Tip Chord/Root Chord -- 0.188
Dihedral (wing reference plane in relation to the body reference plane) -- 5 degrees
Sweepback (25 percent chord line) -- 25 degrees
Aspect Ratio -- 7.95
Mean Aerodynamic Chord (basic wing only) -- 199.70 inches