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8th Oct 2003, 02:44
Check out this report as seen on sify.com. It details the incident that happened in Bangalore , India

Tuesday, 07 October , 2003, 21:19

Mumbai: Pending an enquiry by the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Capt K Nagrath, commander of the Indian Airlines Bangalore-bound A320 flight which went of the main runway at Mumbai last week, has been grounded.

This follows a preliminary investigation carried out by the regulatory body into the incident, a senior DGCA official said.

The flight (IC 107) on October three with 61 passengers on board was returning to the bay when the aircraft went off the runway and the nose wheel got mired into the soft mud leading to the opening of the alternate runway.

The enquiry revealed the commander had "entered the active runway without the clearance of the air traffic control following the hearing of tapes of the cockpit voice recorder and the air traffic control", the official added.

The official said investigations had shown that Capt Nagrath had "deselected the parking brakes which led the aircraft to enter the runway shortly after a Sahara Airlines and Emirates flights had just landed while another Sahara jet had aligned itself for a landing."

Subsequently, the second Sahara flight did a go around and landed on the alternate runway even as the Airbus commander decided to return to the bay.

"As the commander had a problem of manoeuvrability, he switched off the engines leading to a total loss of conntrol of the aircraft", the official added.

The main runway was cleared more than 12 hours of the incident, which happened around 6 pm on October 3.