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6th Oct 2003, 21:27
Star News in HK briefly reported SQ bomb threat today. Any details?

7th Oct 2003, 00:15
Bomb threat forces Singapore Airlines
SINGAPORE (AFP) - A bomb threat forced the grounding of a London-bound Singapore Airlines (SIA) flight here on Monday but a search of the aircraft found nothing suspicious, airline and police officials said.
"Flight SQ318 from Singapore to London, which was scheduled to depart at 0900 hours (0100 GMT) today with 127 passengers on board, was delayed due to a bomb threat," a SIA spokeswoman said.
"The aircraft has been changed and the flight departed at 1500 hours. No bomb was found on the original aircraft."

Police confirmed a bomb threat was made against the carrier and an investigation was under way.
"Police received unconfirmed information about a possible security breach on board the aircraft," a police spokeswoman said.
"A thorough search was therefore conducted (this morning). It's a bomb threat. We are investigating now," she said.