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6th Oct 2003, 05:35
Hi Pilots,

just a quick dummy question.... In the old B737 Cockpit, should the Flightdirector be switchable to ON at ground when Avionics are ON? Or is the FD only in the air after takeoff to switch ON???

Regards, Torben.

cat 3a
6th Oct 2003, 19:57

it depents which system you have (SP77/177)

8th Oct 2003, 23:41
Which old 737 are we talking about??
And what is Avionics ON?? That sounds like a Flightsim term!

9th Oct 2003, 04:51
When the non-auto flight system F/D's are turned on, pitch command control will be manually adjusted from 10 degrees down to 15 degrees nose up. During takeoff under normal operation itís very usual to set an initial aircraft pitch angle higher than 15 degrees and in case of an engine failure prior to rotation an initial climb body attitude can be lower than 15 degrees. Therefore, if F/D command bars donít receive a computed command from AFS for actual performance itís not recommended Ė but not forbidden - to takeoff using F/D on.
By the way, there are two electronic master switches on P6 CB panel. However that's not the case...

9th Oct 2003, 05:04
OK...you guys must be talking about the 737 Dinosaurs (-100/200)