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2nd Dec 2001, 05:34
Hi All:

As you may be aware, the U.S. has implemented a program of catagorizing foreign Government Aviation Authorities for ICAO compliance. They have a rating sytem, Class 1, 2, 3. 1 being in full compliance, 2 not in compliance and already flying into the U.S. commercially, 3 not in compliance and not flying into the U.S.. If you are Cat. 2, you may not add any new routes, if you are Cat. 3, you may not fly to any U.S. destinations.

Here is my question: If you have an AOC from a Cat. 3 rated country, may you fly through U.S. airspace? May you tech. stop, as it is non-comercial?

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2nd Dec 2001, 06:35
The catagories have recently been revised.
Cat 1, full compliance
Cat 2, not in compliance
So far as I have able to determine, Cat 2 can operate through (overflight) US airspace without restriction, however there may well be additional restrictions in place since September 11th.