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2nd Oct 2003, 13:45
Direct Personnel is recruiting '40' B747 captains and FO's for AAI. How come there is a sudden shortage of B747 pilots? is AAI leasing more B747's for the upcoming Hajj?

I have heard of FAA, Australian and Canadian Pilots getting a JAA validation for AAI. Now they are also considering Asian ICAO licences. Are there and other ICAO licence holders flying for AAI currently?


Hårek den Hardbalne
2nd Oct 2003, 15:05
Before you get too excited about AAI you should check out how much they are going to pay you :{

2nd Oct 2003, 15:13
I suspect AAI has got some cargo work.

2nd Oct 2003, 15:24
Direct Personnel is offering a Basic salary is USD$7500 per 75 block hour per month, overtime is paid at $100 per hour. Accommodation and transport are provided. No mention of Per Diem payment. Is there any?

2nd Oct 2003, 15:40
are they not getting five of the eight LHCargo 747's in 2004 ?

2nd Oct 2003, 16:34
There are no per diem payments according to the blokes down the pub.The requirement is mainly for the Hadj which starts on 24th Dec this year(just in case you are a family man),but they do have an ever increasing cargo operation based in KL Malaysia which until the next bomb,is long term.The blokes also say that another agency to use is Air Crew Executive,ACE,and that there are small differences between ACE and Direct.(which I couldn't understand when they were explained to me...but that might have been due to the beer!)Atlanta are also trying to get one 747 onto the British register so that it can fly to Japan(amazingly ,the Icelandics and Japanese do not have some sort of trade/cargo agreement to allow this, even though they share common values like getting legless and killing whales).The chances of getting taken on more permenantly after the three month Hadj depends on..according to my mates..how well you walk the walk on the plane as opposed to how well you talk the talk in your made up log book...so if you turn up and say you are a multi thousand hour captain..just make sure you get into the correct seat when you come to do the sim!The blokes were pretty rude about the whole thing,but as they were ex AFX perhaps scepticism has crept in.It all got a bit hazy after that and the conversation moved on to the size of Liv Tyler's feet and if that had any significance to any other part of her anatomy!

Farty Flaps
2nd Oct 2003, 17:04
nice one you hit the nail on the head with the log book comment. These type of companies do tend to attract the itinerant pilot, with a two week qualification. shame they get validated.

the other thread on air atlanta may interest you particularly the bit about the cosy relationship between the atlanta and the icelandic caa vis avis giving out validations.

4th Oct 2003, 02:57
Direct Personnel say that all positions have been filled with Air Atlanta. 40 Captains and f/o within a week? which i find rather appalling. Did anybody here get a contract offer?

4th Oct 2003, 03:54
Air Atlanta's press gangs are mighty efficient by all accounts. No sane individual would volunteer.

Chocks Away
4th Oct 2003, 16:36
all positions have been filled with Air Atlanta
:ooh: ...did I miss something?:}
You've gotta be quick around here!:} (LOL)

6th Oct 2003, 04:45
I was there for about two weeks last month. I was unhappy and they paid me what was owed and a ticket home. The pilots in my class were genuine, all were old timers. ACE was the only one hiring all AAI pilots at the time. I was later contacted by Direct to see if I was interested in going to AAI.

6th Oct 2003, 17:13
AAI have just started operating a B742 for Cargolux. Might even be more than one.

6th Oct 2003, 19:11
It makes me wonder why they didn´t fill the positions faster:mad:
AAI has really out done themselves now. They just sold training to 6 new guys last week for 28000 usd and might, just might, offer them first officer positions following thier training, on the superb ACE contract:ok: As if that is not enough AAI is going to bond those poor barstards, sort of, by holding back 15 usd per day for two years. 175 - 15 makes 160 usd per day x 30 = 4800 per month with zero time off. If the Ice taxman does his job and follows the Icelandic tax law. there is not going to be much left to make the wife back home happy is there.

G-SPOTs Lost
7th Oct 2003, 21:00
AAI have apparently acquired the EX BA 200 currently parked at Manston. Reg GBXIO I think. Apparantly rumour has it is to be supplied to Lufthansa for some reason (According to the Ops guy)

29th Oct 2003, 00:56
According to the darts team on Tuesday evening (we lost),AAI are still short of about a dozen Classic crews.Not only do they have the Hadj coming up,but also a new three plane wet lease with Lufthansa Cargo starting soon.The size of JayLo's backside and the cost of its insurance filled our thoughts towards the end of the evening..whether it would be better fully comp or third party fire and theft.No wonder we lost....I mean theft...?

Mr @ Spotty M
29th Oct 2003, 05:56
Air Atlanta are also going to wet lease 2 B747-200Fs from 11-19 Nov to BA.

1st Nov 2003, 13:53
AAI pay is same now as it was 6 years ago.

unless you are an Icelandic pilot and in the Union.

There are 2 classes of pilots at AAI, Air Atlanta Icelandic,, there are the Icelandic Union pilots who work 3 weeks on and 3 weeks off with salary,, "and" perdiem while working the 3 weeks on.

Then there are the worker bees/pilots who have to work at the pay rates that have remained unchanged for the last 7 years to support the working conditions of the union piilots.
And no perdiem, they keep that for them selves. I am sure that the airlines that they fly for pay it to the company, but the pilots never see a pence of that.

in 1996 AAI paid $ 100 an hour and still do in 2003 for a new hire. They didn't pay perdiem then and don't now.

Go fly the Hadj and make a few, then go home.

That's life at AAI.

:mad: ers.

stormin norman
1st Nov 2003, 17:10
AAI have apparently acquired the EX BA 200 currently parked at Manston. Reg GBXIO I think. Apparantly rumour has it is to be supplied to Lufthansa for some reason (According to the Ops guy)

The better rumour is its off to EAAC at bournmouth along with another 2 ex virgin aircraft.The present Eaac fleet is in a poor state and in need of big money majors from next year.Some serious money also needs to be spent on the interiors as they havn't been touched since BA had them...............still, not half as bad as the Air Atlanta fleet !

2nd Nov 2003, 13:39
B767Longhaul...No not $100 per hour..Atlanta pay $250 per day.They also pay $100 per hour for any hours flown more than 75 in a calander month.But paperwork from ACE,their main pilot contract agency has indicated that the whole pilot/FE package is going to be improved as of November 2003.The airline's owner,a young kid who lives in Luxembourg,has agreed that long term fixed contracts including paid leave,loss of licence insurance,improved pay and other benefits will be offered to 'selected' crew. Atlanta is growing at a prodigious rate and they want a corps of regular people to stay with them rather than the gypsy itinerant lot they have had in the past.The 747 (and 767)seems to be going from strength to strength,with long term scheduled freight operations with Malaysian,Cargolux and soon Lufthansa.AAI are offering in house 747 conversions to their 767 pilots to cover their 747 pilot shortfall.
There again B767,as someone who says in his profile that he doesn't reckon on flying for scumbag outfits..you are probably safer staying in Kano and flying for...er... Kabo?

2nd Nov 2003, 15:42
abra I do hope you are not suggesting "gypsy itinerants" are any worse pilots than any others!!!:{

The reason why Pilots come and go from AAI is because most join because they are desperate and unemployed or ( may be unemployable elsewhere?? ) and when something better comes along they leave, hence your description of " gypsy itinerant"

As you say if conditions improve then a more stable workforce should be the end result.

3rd Nov 2003, 00:41
Ace contract was $250/day, no work, no pay.

Direct Personnel Contract was $ 7,500 per month for a 75 hour guarantee, anything over 75 hours was paid at guess what, $100/block hour.

That's what the DP contract was 6 years ago, and was 1 year ago as well. I do not know what it is today.

Neither contract paid per diem.

4th Nov 2003, 03:43
Marry an Icelandic, stay outside of the EU, then no problem. They don't really care about the non-Icelandics.

Someone mention the Cod war?

4th Nov 2003, 15:56
Never had any problems with Icelandics. On the contrary, initially a bit reserved, but the nicest of people when you get to know them. In many ways similar to Finns or even Norvegians.
I call it "Village mentality" as countries with small population resemble small villages in their social structure, thus outsiders are often distrusted.

Sure being Icelandic gives one an advantage, but can you with straight face say that UK companies do not give preference to natives speaking native language? I think this applies to most companies around the world.


7th Nov 2003, 22:38

This is actually BDXO ( "Flying Carpet") and is indeed bound for EAAC. Currently in a KLM hangar in AMS. Two ex VS/CX 47's due online with EAAC within the next month.

EAAC looking for 747 experienced crews if anyones interested. Money not good and they know it, but great fun and a professional bunch.

8th Nov 2003, 13:45
Jumpseat, me thinks you're a bit 'jaded' here. Last year's EAAC performance with Air Asia left an incredible amount to be desired! Their overt claim, at the Pan Pacific Glenmarie, that they were going to put AAI outta business was heralded to the gutter snipes. I personally flew three "rescue missions", 2 x to Kuching and 1 x to Kota Kinabalu due to EAAC tech faults (within the first week of EAAC deployment). Many grifters fault AAI for unprofessional practices but few can match their sortie production.

AAI may not be perfect, but few of us are.....unless, of course, you profess Gold Coast heritage and Ansett on your resume.... (dubious distinction, anyway).

Lotsa good folks at AAI, many previously with AFX... doubt if you could match the expertise.

8th Nov 2003, 14:30
JJflyer......T'would pay you to get a copy of the "Xenophobe's Guide to Icelanders" your comments on "small communities" are right on the mark.....want to know why??? check out the book... BTW it's on sale "prominently" at the book shop in KEF.

The Snow-negroids have a great sense of humour as long as it's NOT directed at them!

8th Nov 2003, 15:10
Kato, A bit insecure I think?
No mention of AAI in my post , no comparisons, just an update.

I am sure AAI and EAAC can co-exist. Lets hope so. No one wants to put anyone out of business and I have certainly never heard anyone at EAAC utter the words you claim. The more jobs out there the better. I wish everyone at AAI well.

EAAC have taken up missed AAI flights and V.V. It's the business.

9th Nov 2003, 08:49
Jumpseat, OK OK point taken. Comments overheard in the "Glen" were most likely fuelled by too much "Tiger".

I know quite a few EAAC drivers, am friends with a few, and should have taken the comments as innocuous banter. Silly me!

Are you guys still entangled with Nigeria? Take care, there, my freind!

9th Nov 2003, 22:48
No Probs K7, Perhaps see you in the East in a month or so... Your shout, mines a Tiger.

4th Dec 2003, 02:59
Back to the original thread.......

Anyone know anything about classes for the 767/757 fleet?

I was "hired" last month but not sent travel details, so was unable to start. Mind you, the info sent was for a 747 Capt's position with a 767 attachment! I'm qual'd on 757/767, nothing on 747. Have not heard back since.

Insiders say everything centers on the 747 right now and prob nothing for 767/757 until Feb/Mar 2004.

Appreciate some info as I was ready to go with 4 days notice!! And now.....silence.


5th Dec 2003, 04:02
alexb757,I think they want JAR 75/767 people.

5th Dec 2003, 04:25

Just to set the record straight re my previous post (re: 767/757 courses), and in all fairness to AAI, they did apologise for the mix up in communications.

Also, I have been informed that I am still "on file" for any future classes. They have been very busy recruiting for the 747 and have concentrated mainly on this with the up-coming Hadj.
The future appears to be bright for both 747 and 767 contracts for the forseeable future and their ability to remain flexible holds them in good stead.

5th Dec 2003, 16:43
Alexb757..the rumours from the chaps at the pub are that the AeroMar contract in the Dominican Republic has ended(2Xplanes) and that the days of the Southern Winds contract are limited(another 2).Atlanta need Classic 747 crew and JAR 75/767 crews.Your best hope is that you get a call for the Hadj which starts 24th Dec.Wish you luck.

6th Dec 2003, 19:51
AAI will operate 5 B747's and 3 767's for Saudia based in Jeddah. Rumour has it that they couldnt get enough B747 crews for a 6th aircraft.


6th Dec 2003, 23:18
Yes, i believe they do have a B747 piloytshortage. I was contacted by Direct personnel this week. They too have changed from a monthly salary of 7500 to 250/day. seems like a bad deal to me, particularly for the long Hajj hours.

7th Dec 2003, 01:11
250x30 days = 7500, so why change?? does it indicate that they are only going to pay you for "worked" days?


7th Dec 2003, 01:20
No the Job specification does not mention anything about pay for days off. Just says rostered time off according to airline FOM and $250/day.
However, there is no clause for flying over the 70 hour limit.

Also says Training/Instructors recieve additional payments for services rendered. Any idea what this is like?

Early Right
7th Dec 2003, 01:32
Hey mutt, you´re pretty good at math!!! Yes this change means you only get paid for the days at work i.e. days you´re away from home. No paid time off. Not good:mad: