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2nd Oct 2003, 09:12
Hi Everyone..

Trying to find the answer for this question, here goes......

Can you apply Improved Climb Weights from the Airport Analysis chart when you are ie. Runway/obstacle or break energy limited???

I do hope someone can answer me this question..


2nd Oct 2003, 09:57

A very simplistic answer follow's.

Improved climb makes use of extra runway length to achieve a higher speed which in turn gives a zoom climd effect.

If the runway is field length limited be it for Brake energy, runway length or obstacle then you would not be able to increase the speed.

Hope this answers your question, and I hope I don't get beaten up for a very simplistic answer.

2nd Oct 2003, 11:51
Thanks icemanalgeria for that reply..

It does make sence now, would you have it written down somewhere where i can quote and show it to my company, because everyone here seems to use improved climb when u are runway limited...



3rd Oct 2003, 21:18
Hmmm, if you are runway limited, but your present weight is well below the limit, couldn't you increase your speed to get a zoom effect?

Of course it depends on the table you use, your philosophy (table speeds or QRH if slower)...

Sometimes it's a bit of a mess, here too (small company) we are trying to find the truth, but some people continues to have his own ideas... :rolleyes:

3rd Oct 2003, 21:57
Never ceases to amaze me, the questions and answers on this supposedly highly technical forum. I'm so glad I never worked for a small operator and had the good fortune to receive proper instruction on every type conversion, which didn't leave any doubt about the basics or specifics of the operation.

4th Oct 2003, 00:51
I was starting to miss you, HD!

Check your PM.

4th Oct 2003, 03:19

If they are field length limited, how are they calculating an improved climb value??? Can you explain the method in detail?