View Full Version : 737 NG MAX ALT: SOP's

jonny dangerous
1st Oct 2003, 14:23
Just wondering what rules of thumb 737 NG operators are using when calculating margin of safety in determining a climb to MAX ALT of 410. I see figures in our manuals regarding deviation from fuel burn as altitude above or below OPT ALT increases, but there is no specific guidance as to when it is "safe" to climb to 410.

To whit:

Is it routine to climb to and arrive at 410 just as the FMS
MAX ALT calculation is changing from 409 to 410?

Are there any rules of thumbs that pilots are using when
determining when to climb to 410?

I seem to remember on the A310 that most guys would, normally, delay a climb to 410 until OPT ALT was within 2000 feet, then go up. And not just from fuel standpoint , but more importantly, a flight envelope consideration.



1st Oct 2003, 23:07
Normally the OPT ALT is approx. 1000 ft. below MAX ALT. When attempting to reach a cruising level close to the MAX ALT keep the OPT ALT in mind. (e.g. when MAX ALT is 410 it will remain 410 for the remainder of the flight, however the OPT ALT will gradually approach MAX ALT as well). Flight envelope protection is always good at OPT ALT.

GHope this helped ;)