View Full Version : Concorde at Lyneham????

29th Sep 2003, 00:45
RAF Lyneham has been announced to close by 2012 and in search for history of Concorde too. We understand that Concorde made some testing flights to RAF Lyneham on the 30th April 1974.
Does any one have any info on whether Concorde overshot/landed/diverted to Lyneham at at time.
Any info would be grateful.
We have a happy snap of Concorde in circuit around that time, but any other facts would be great, especially that the queen of the skies will soon stop public flights.:ok:

29th Sep 2003, 22:11
She regularly conducted training flights at Brize Norton at that time doing different approaches for touch & goes. Mighty impressive it was too. Work finished for the day, pint in hand in the Mess watching Concord slotting in between Brits, Belslows & 10's.
I would suspect she was doing same thing at Lyneham so no "dramas" as such.:ok: