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25th Sep 2003, 10:35
Hello everyone,

I am looking for a simple formula to find the top of a thunderstom
using range and tilt angle.Anyone?

Thank you

25th Sep 2003, 16:42
You could use the 1 in 60 rule:

ht above a/c (ft) = range (ft) x (tilt - half beamwidth) / 60

which you could change a bit to be

ht above a/c (ft) = range (nm) x (tilt - half beamwidth) x 100

assuming 6000 ft = 1 nm.

This all assumes of course that the bottom of the Wx radar beam is just touching the top of the cloud and you can just see it on the screen. If the (tilt - half beamwidth) bit is negative the left hand side becomes negative and the tops are below the a/c.